Rural women access early cancer screening in Turkey

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7 Tips for the Christmas Cook

Before you work yourself into a frenzy trying to plan that perfect Michelin star Christmas dinner,  pour yourself a glass of whatever you fancy, take a minute to read this.  It'll bring your blood pressure down, promise!...more

Thanksgiving Leftovers: Turkey Pot Pie

The great quest begins for ways to use up those Thanksgiving leftovers. I can do the traditional Thanksgiving meal for about one meal after the big day and then I'm so OVER it. I have to get creative about ways to use up the leftovers! (Tip: if you host Thanksgiving, tell your guests to bring their own "to-go" containers so you can share some of the leftovers with them too!)...more

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

This little guy sits proudly on his plate....more

Turkey, Brie & Cranberry Soup

Four Legged Turkeys and Chin Whiskers

My son, who gets up at the Crack of 4 on his days off, tells me, after searching for something to eat, that the turkey we had the other day had four legs. In today's Troubled Times, this seems perfectly reasonable. I know I ate two of them, which should have left none, but he said he ate one, and there is one left. Huh....more

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Family Turkey Chili

Amber @ Mama's Blissful Bites: with wholesome goodness, this is our favorite family chili....more


Back in the day, before Brad Pitt gained and lost his swoon-worthiness, he played the part of “Paul”, an errant son in “A River Runs Through It“. This movie followed Paul and his brother as they fly-fished their way from boys to men, in the mountains of Missoula, Montana. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it – it was mesmerizing and haunting, heart breaking and thought provoking, it was filled with analogies that related back to this thing we call life....more

Italian Turkey Burgers

Good morning everyone! How’s you’re day going so far? If you don’t have dinner figured out yet, I’ve got an easy and healthy recipe for you. I love turkey burgers, but let’s be honest, sometimes they need a little something. This is the solution to that problem. Burgers are an easy go to in our house and you can really make just about any flavor you want. I got this recipe a few years ago searching Bethenny Frankel’s site. I changed it up just a little.  Here’s my take on the Italian Turkey Burger....more