Kat’s Fantasy T-Day Dinner on Pinterest

When Life Gives You Leftovers

If ever there was a day made for indulgence, Thanksgiving is that day. It's an entire holiday that revolves around a single meal of enormous proportions. In my world, that is a Great Day. Thank you, Pilgrims! Thank you, Native Americans! Thank you, big stupid turkeys, for being so delicious! ...more

Menu Planning for Thanksgiving

I am a list person, always jotting down recipes, ideas for my blog, shopping lists and with Thanksgiving approaching I have already started writing down my dinner menu.My menu is usually very traditional, simple and I think fairly easy to prepare. For me cooking a Turkey is about one of the easiest meals to prepare.Ok I do admit that I do feel a hint of nervousness every time I roast a Turkey, hoping that the Turkey will not be dry. Several years ago I purchased an electronic meat thermometer, which I love and is fun to watch as the Turkey cooks to the perfect temperature....more

Thanksgiving musings per kind favor Betty Crocker

 Last November I received an email from Betty Crocker. Fears of virus carrying emails from unknowns aside I opened it. Ever the student of perfect turkey carving I tried to follow instructions.How To Carve a TurkeyCarve the turkey on a stable cutting board with a sharp carving knife and a meat fork with two tines. Carving is easier if you allow the turkey to stand for 15 to 20 minutes before cutting.Follow these easy steps for a beautiful presentation:...more

Turkey Roulade with Fennel, Sausage, Dried Cherries, and Chanterelle Marsala Sauce

Did you notice that the very next day after Halloween the advertising world took a giant leap into Christmas? Door busters,  one- day sales, special can’t miss offers….really? Already? Do we really need to hurry up and buy those perfect gifts for everyone on our shopping list?I love the Christmas season, don’t get me wrong, and there may only be 50 days until Christmas, but guess how many until Thanksgiving? 20!...more
Thank you for sharing this recipe. It looks great. I was at Whole Foods the other night, ...more

The Best Turkey Meatloaf


Turkey Cutlets - Fresh, Thin with Panko Crumbs

The Souper Here is the link to my Turkey Cutlet Recipe with lots of photos at Prep2eat, my foodblog. Come by to visit all my homecooking recipes. http://prep2eat.blogspot.com/2011/05/turkey-cutlets-fresh-thin-with-panko.html The Souper...more

Roasted Turkey Breast

The Souper Link to my Roasted Turkey Recipe at Prep2eat below http://prep2eat.blogspot.com/2011/05/roasted-turkey-breast-any-day-of-we... Simple, fresh and flavorful with few ingredients.   ...more