The Best Turkey Meatloaf


Turkey Cutlets - Fresh, Thin with Panko Crumbs

The Souper Here is the link to my Turkey Cutlet Recipe with lots of photos at Prep2eat, my foodblog. Come by to visit all my homecooking recipes. The Souper...more

Roasted Turkey Breast

The Souper Link to my Roasted Turkey Recipe at Prep2eat below Simple, fresh and flavorful with few ingredients.   ...more

Sausage & Peppers Mockery

In which i have the best birds and bees speech ever

Do you like the song “Creep” by Radiohead?  I love it and play it on repeat constantly.  I’m actually considering making it one of my “Top 3 songs that I would listen to on a desert island."  I haven’t decided yet.  You don’t have to answer....more

Mexican-Ukrainian Fusion???

If Mexican-Korean Fusion works, maybe Mexican-Anything Fusion can. Let’s test this theory with these Mexican Holubtsi (a.k.a. cabbage rolls). This recipe fulfills my New Year’s Resolution since it’s good for me (brown rice, cabbage and lean poultry), it’s got Zumba in the seasonings AND it makes me feel good, like all things Ukrainian. My grandfather (Gee Gee) came from the Ukraine as did the parents of my grandmother (Baba, the one who made such wonderful chicken soup). Ukrainian food (perogies, pyrizhky, holubtsi) takes me back to their kitchen and to my own childhood home. The cabbage roll filling used here is a heated-up version of the traditional Ukrainian style. The cabbage is napa (Mexican-Ukrainian-Chinese Fusion???) and is uncooked, lending crunch and a mustardy flavor, something all self-respecting Ukrainians relish....more

The perfect (and easy) chicken soup

The perfect (and easy) chicken soup It is so comforting to have some soup in the fridge during these cold weather months. As i said before, it is like a favorite blanket or a pair of fuzzy slippers that are waiting for us when we come back home from a hard day. With some saltines and butter is there something better than that!...more

Being back from the holidays - foodwise

Being back from the holidays - foodwise This is what is really happening after the holiday season. We way gained to much weight during those festivities, i am kinda feeling like a blob. I now just feel like a potato, just round, bland and mushy. Too much food, too much wine, too much sitting down watching old movies while eating caramels. Too much of "i have to taste this!". My ultimate weight barometer (if my pants fit or not) is still good, i can zip them up but i surely feel like a ball of dough. ...more

A lot of food for the holidays

A lot of food for the holidays Is there such things as eating too much during the holidays. So many occasions, so many gatherings, so many celebrations; there is just a lot of everything, every time. Of course all the recipes; the baking, the cooking, the broiling but there is also all the sugary, sweet stuff too ! And talk about the wine, the bubbly, the liquors, the too hard to handle. Ouf, sometimes i just think that we will explode. So far, we had a lot of celebrations already....more