The perfect (and easy) chicken soup

The perfect (and easy) chicken soup It is so comforting to have some soup in the fridge during these cold weather months. As i said before, it is like a favorite blanket or a pair of fuzzy slippers that are waiting for us when we come back home from a hard day. With some saltines and butter is there something better than that!...more

Being back from the holidays - foodwise

Being back from the holidays - foodwise This is what is really happening after the holiday season. We way gained to much weight during those festivities, i am kinda feeling like a blob. I now just feel like a potato, just round, bland and mushy. Too much food, too much wine, too much sitting down watching old movies while eating caramels. Too much of "i have to taste this!". My ultimate weight barometer (if my pants fit or not) is still good, i can zip them up but i surely feel like a ball of dough. ...more

A lot of food for the holidays

A lot of food for the holidays Is there such things as eating too much during the holidays. So many occasions, so many gatherings, so many celebrations; there is just a lot of everything, every time. Of course all the recipes; the baking, the cooking, the broiling but there is also all the sugary, sweet stuff too ! And talk about the wine, the bubbly, the liquors, the too hard to handle. Ouf, sometimes i just think that we will explode. So far, we had a lot of celebrations already....more

On Underpants and Turkey Revelations, or "Christmas Extravaganza, 2010"

Christmas is complicated for me. For many foolish reasons, most indelibly imprinted during childhood and unreasonably carried forward. Reasons I won't sully the mood with here. The poorly formed point I'm hoping to make is that this Christmas was one of the best ones I've had. And for me, The Grudge-Holder, the Obsessive, the Neurotic, the Often Bitter, that is really saying something. ...more

Isn't that something special? Most of my old books came from antique stores and yard sales. ...more

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Now that you’ve cleaned up the Thanksgiving feast off the table, you are most likely wondering what to do with all the leftovers. You’re not alone; we are all doing the same thing. I have a lot of turkey that I need to take care of, and I have some stuffing, some gravy, and veggies. I’ll leave some turkey for hubby’s sandwiches, some for a soup, and the rest I am going to use up in this savory, day after Thanksgiving treat....more

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. You know I love to cook, love to eat and I try to be thankful a little bit every day so added all together it's a bonanza of happiness for me. This will be our 6th Thanksgiving away from home. I've had ingredients shipped, cooked very badly while unknowingly preggers, searched high and low for corn meal and shared two Thankful meals with wonderful Irish friends. This year should be no different. We are Americans after all.  However........more

How to Make Turkey Gravy: Recipe & Troubleshooting

While the Thanksgiving feast is often filled with potential pitfalls, from overcooked turkey to lumpy mashed potatoes, nothing seems to cause more angst than making gravy. If done well, turkey gravy can be the star of the show, enveloping everything on the plate in a rich, savory blanket. If you are like my brother-in-law, gravy is by far the most important part of the meal, prompting your relatives to buy you a gravy thermos so that you can have your own personal supply of the thick sauce sitting beside your placemat. Everyone deserves to be indulged once in a while. ...more

Thanks, Kalyn! Your posts on BlogHer are always so helpful. I'm glad to be able to contribute ...more

Dressing Issues

With Thanksgiving days away, I sit in my living room surrounded by cookbooks, cooking magazines, menus, and shopping lists. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it is in the autumn with all the pretty fall colors, and because it only involves cooking a meal for loved ones....more

Her Last Thanksgiving

It seems like it was a lifetime ago, and yesterday, all at the same time.  It was the night before Thanksgiving, 1992.  My mother had been released from the hospital that day, having spent ten days in first the critical care unit before being moved to a private room.  Her struggle to regain her strength after a spring and summer filled with chemotherapy and radiation had been rocky, at best.  She was just not bouncing back the way we all thought she would, or should.  ...more

This was really touching, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving <3more

Gobble Gobble

According to all the emails, comments, and messages that I  have received in response to my Thanksgiving Traditions post, it seems that we all agree; have as much wine as possible near that table and everybody will be happy! But, really, I want to thank you all for the suggestions and advice; I truly appreciate it! I have begun to prepare for the big day ... slowly, but surely. I am done with 2 cookie doughs, and a couple of starter dishes....more