Goodbye to my 30's & Embracing My Inner 9th Grader

There is something about teaching 9th grade English that I find magical and rewarding.  Unlike sophomores who teeter between tinges of optimism, cynicism and weariness, and juniors who wearily and anxiously anticipate, “this will be over soon”, or seniors who know “this will be over soon,” freshmen are an abundance of emotion- enthusiasm, dread, and indifference, or a mixture of each- for the newness and strangeness of high school.  They have left their ordinary worlds of middle school and have embarked on a journey that will most often leave them feeling like they have be...more


40 is the new it really?

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Indulging in Childish Enthusiasm Regarding Turning 40

I used to use my birthday to gauge how loved I was by the world.  Would my father remember to send something on time this year? (Sadly, no.)Would anyone at school remember? (Some, but never enough.)...more