I Got My Mammogram. Have You? Let Me Walk You Through It.

Bellonheels.comI write about what I live. My life. I write about being a stay at home mother because that is what I do every day.I write about how much I love my kids. Almost to the point that you probably want to barf....more


When my mother turned forty, her friends threw her a surprise party festooned with balloons stating: “You’re Old.”  I found the gesture hilarious until yesterday, when I too became “old.”  ...more
Happy 40th Birthday! Cheers to 40 more years of awesomeness!more

Do Women Really Become Invisible After Turning 40?

I remember being in high school and sitting with my friends and listening to a song called Forever Young by Alphaville. I remember talking with them about how awful it would be to get old. I’m pretty sure at the time I defined old as somewhere around age thirty. I mean really – those thirty year olds were SO LAME! Anyway, the song was one of those songs....more
The truth is you're in a much better position at 40-something or as an adult to realize your ...more

My $25-a-week good food experiment

For weeks now I’ve been seriously rethinking this obsession I have with food and my weight. Specifically it’s occurred to me that for almost all of the past decade, my obsession with controlling (unsuccessfully I might add) what I eat and don’t eat has centered primarily on weight loss. This focus on weight and not on health has caused me to become unhealthier. Yo-yo dieting, pre-packaged diet meals, low carb, low fat, sugarless…you get the idea....more

"Joist and muicy": Lingual lapses and other things that happen with increasing frequency at forty

Today I was on the phone describing how great the chocolate cake looked at the coffee shop where I was working. I told the person on the other line that the caked looked really “joist and muicy.”  That’s not a typo. That’s exactly what I said. These days, stuff like that is coming out of my mouth waaay too often. I call them “lingual lapses” and frankly, they’re not cute when done in mixed company....more

I am forty years old...

Women all over the world have been reading our stories. In a few short weeks, Women at Forty has gotten visits from women (and probably some curious men) all over the world including; Germany, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and Lebanon. I’m looking forward to hearing their stories soon. Today, one of our readers from Hawaii, Jenny, who’s in the middle of her fortieth year on earth, talks poetically about her life pre-forty....more

40 years old, awesome, courageous, inspiring...be as 40 as you can ...more

Are we lowering our standards or are people lowering them for us?

As I was leaving the grocery store this morning, an old man approached me hollering “hey baby girl…can I maybe…” NO. NO. NO. If you’ve got me by at least 15 years, you should already know that no self respecting woman in her forties is going to respond to a “hey baby” hurled across a busy supermarket parking lot.  Or would she?...more

That hair in the middle of my cheek...

That hair in the middle of my cheek… Posted by admin On October - 12 - 2009 I’ve been getting a lot of positive energy and uplifting posts from women who are either anxiously awaiting forty, or looking back at it as the best time of their lives.  Their honest stories are encouraging and uplifting, but…...more

The life you planned...Beautiful Mistakes

The Women at Forty Project asked women to talk about the life they'd planned vs. the life the had....more