Why I'm Glad to Be (Almost) Out of My 20s

Aside from the excitement of embarking on your first job, few serious commitments, and endless enthusiasm and energy, what's so great about being in your early 20s?Nothing.I can safely say that now as a 28-year-old who feels far more comfortable than I ever did at 23. And that feeling is only growing each day....more
Eryn Carter So glad you feel the same, Eryn – and congrats to you for reaching a more positive ...more

thoughts on thirty

I turn 30 next week.What!?I'm actually really pumped about this new decade. Several years ago Duff asked me what I thought it would be like to turn 30, and who I thought I'd be.  It's been fun to compare what I said (the things I remember, anyway) and who I actually am. For some reason I pictured myself as a brunette back then. Not gonna happen....more