Mini Apple Turnovers

So right now if you asked me.. Alison do you want some apple pie?? I would say eh no thanks. BUT if you asked me.. Alison do you want a mini apple turnover? I would say hell yea I do!!It’s all about presentation. My mom used to make an entire bowl of jello and put it in the fridge and no one would eat it. Yet, when she made jello and put it into individual cups in the fridge… we would eat them all right away....more

Apple Turnovers

Learn how to make easy and quick Apple Turnovers: flaky crust is filled with juicy apple filling and drizzled with sugar glaze. They can be made from scratch with pie crust, or you can use store bought phyllo dough or Pillsbury crescent rolls. This recipe is using frozen puff pastry and homemade apple filling (you don’t even need to cook the filling). Of course, you can use store bought apple pie filling, or other fruit filling as well. Even though some apple turnovers are fried, these are better baked because puff pastry already contains enough fat for flavor....more

Managing Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is a huge concern in certain industries and is one of the main reasons for sleepless nights among managers. Turnover is simply the superficial problem; the crux of the problem is much deeper. What really needs to be studied and analyzed is the reason behind the high turnover rate of an organization....more

Keep Calm and Eat Dessert - 2 Quick Emergency Recipes

Define "emergency". Is one ever in dire need of dessert? Sugarholics may argue "yes" and I am, of course, one of them. Here are some situations off the top of my head where throwing together an emergency dessert is necessary....more

Jamaican Meat Patties


Mary Kay Destroying Half a Million Women's Lives Each Year (Opinion Piece)

Let's take a look at some real figures regarding Mary Kay Cosmetics and consultant turnover. I often hear pro-Mary Kay women rave that there are millions of women who have had wonderful experiences as consultants, so the company must be fantastic. Now here's my theory. Are women quitting Mary Kay because it was everything they wanted and more, and because they were making money doing it? Or do they quit because they are dissatisfied and are not making money? ...more

I have four sisters and all of them at one time in their lives have been Mary Kay consultants. ...more