It's All About the Details: Railing Design

I posted a couple of days ago about beautiful entry ways, and so often entries have grand staircases. And those staircases are usually the focal point of the entry. When designing a home, one of those little details that can often be looked over is the railing design on your stairs and landings (inside and outside) and gates. Remember, no detail can go unnoticed....more
@BlogHer haha me too! House hunters & International. I admit I DVR to only watch the final ...more

It's All About the Details: Beams

When you think of beams (wood or steel), you automatically think of a ceiling treatment.  And in general that is mainly where you see beams.  Beam designs vary from very rustic to elaborately ornate.  In homes today, we mostly see beam designs in between the two.  While beams can be on the ceiling, you can also use them as headers for your doors, openings, windows, and mantles....more
Love beams but they'd look silly in our house.more

Ceilings with Flair

Ceilings can really create a unique space.  There are so many different ways you can treat a ceiling.  Beams seem to be the most traditional and most seen design.  But you can use the beams in so many different ways-paint, stain, trimmed, exposed, rustic, clean lined, on the diagonal, etc.  If you feel your room needs that little extra wow factor, add beams or faux finish the ceiling.  Even painting the ceiling a color can make the room pop....more