TUTORIAL: How to Make a Kid-Size 18th Century European Buckle Shoe

Last week, I shared a tutorial to make a fake lace ruffle front shirt (part 1) for Piano Man’s historical school costume. For the next piece, I wanted to make a black boot cover over his rain boots. I researched online to find a tutorial to make a quick and easy boot for a child’s costume....more
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How To Make A Weighted Blanket (and not go broke)

If you have a child on the autism spectrum, one who has sensory issues, or maybe someone who has anxiety, a weighted blanket may have come up in your thoughts once or twice.  I had seen them around, and never really thought about how it could help Bubba, until relatively recently....more

Good Fortune Cherry Blossom Cupcake Tutorial

I was asked to review New York Baking company’s silicone baking buddies. New york’s Baking Company was kind enough to send their very bright silicone cups in exchange for my honest opinion of the baking buddies. I have baked 3 batches of cupcakes using the silicone cups, I found the cups released with ease and handled the heat of my oven, however if you are planning to give/and or sell your cupcakes you need to use cupcake... ...more

Learn How to Create a Gumpaste Life-Like Rose: From Bud to Fully Open Series 3

This the third series Learn How to Create a Gumpaste Life-Like Rose. In the first two series we completed a rose bud and a partially open rose (the transition phase).On the last video we had taken the rose buds to transitioning  from a closed bud to  showing their petals.The next stage I will show how to begin to curl  your rose petals backward towards the stems as they open and my method of dusting the rose to achieve the intense color....more

Learn How to Create a Gumpaste Life-Like Rose: From Bud to Fully Open Series 1

I have posted several tutorials with roses, the response has been wonderful. In fact I have had a plethora of requests to create a video. I wanted to be sure to give you as must detail as possible. I either had to have a VERY long video or compose a series of videos, I chose the later. I wanted to break the sugar rose down to easy to follow steps, without overwhelming you.The rose has four stages of development  the bud (sometime referred to as…...more

Perfect Poolside Pillows - Embroidery, Fish & Chevrons, Oh My!

I've been working on this fish pillow for the past several weeks and it's finally done! ...more
Aww how cute is this. Great Job!more

DIY Confetti Backdrop Tutorial

I recently threw a joint birthday party for my kids, and I did something a little different for the table backdrop this year. I like to have a fun backdrop for the "focal" table if it works with the space, but only if it's possible to do it fairly cheap....more
Oh! I really love this idea! It's a wonderful idea for a photography backdrop. Thank you now I ...more