A Quick Refresher in Figures of Speech, Part 2: Onomatopoeia

Onomatopoeia is the process of capturing sound effects in your writing. (In case you're wondering, the word is pronounced onno-motto-pee-uh)....more

A Quick Refresher in Figures of Speech, Part 1: Similes and Metaphors

Figures of speech are ways of putting together words or phrases to tell a story more vibrantly and vividly, like painting a picture with words. If you wish your reader to taste, feel, smell, and hear the scenes you're describing, figures of speech are indispensable, as otherwise the storytelling falls flat and feels lifeless. Breathe life back into your writing with these figures of speech:...more

Beauty Tutorial: How To Apply Matte Lipstick

For all of my stars that have been wanting to try a matte lipstick but just aren’t sure how it would look on your lips or your skin tone, this is the article for you. ...more

How To Make A Fall Silk Floral and Straw Front Door Wreath Tutorial and Free E-Book

  One of the floral crafts I love creating is wreaths.  As far as home decorations are concerned you can never have enough wreaths. They're just so much fun to work with and so versatile....more

a little bit of shimmer - GNO makeup tutorial

Last night, I attended the Modern Beauty 2015 event hosted by Style Chicago (I promise to have a recap soon!). Being the mom of two boys, I rarely have the chance to go out on a weeknight.  I seized this opportunity to go downtown and made a fun night of it with my sister-in-law. (Their wedding isn't until next summer but I've claimed her as my sister-in-law before they were even engaged - that's how much I adore her!)...more

3 Ways to Create a Gradient Manicure

     Today I thought I would take a look back and share with you the reason I decided to start a blog instead of just my facebook page. As some of you may know I started my page in March of 2011. I was just looking for someplace to share my nail art creations. Up until then I was sharing pictures on my personal page and people were starting to make comments about it, and not in a good way. So Lustrous Lacquer was born....more