Sugar Paste Full Blown Rose Spray!

Sydney has been asking me if we could create a sugarpaste full blown rose spray for a cake for sometime now. I figured with Roses being June’s flower now would be perfect. I based the roses for this cake after the Glowing Peace Rose, named after its grandparent Peace, the world’s most renowned rose. The Glowing Peace combines timeless beauty with a modern touch. Large, round buds open to reveal full, 3 inch blooms featuring 26 to 42 golden... ...more

Sugar Paste Rose

Easy-to-Make Wood Frames

Not long ago, I saw some weathered wood frames at Hobby Lobby and immediately fell in love with them. They were perfect for my kitchen projects - well, almost perfect. They were $20 each, and that was more than I wanted to spend - especially since I needed two. But I really liked the way the frames were made. As Gus and I looked at them, I realized that they looked pretty easy to duplicate. He said as long as I didn't need mitered corners, he could do it. Who needs mitered corners? Not me!...more

D-I-Y Braided Wrap Bracelet

Who doesn't love jewelry? Especially fun, colorful jewelry for spring and summer! This a simple braided wrap bracelet made with blue hemp cord (so cute for spring/summer!) - and I decided to incorporate one of the "Love" circles that I used in my Circle of Love Bracelet.  If you can tie a knot, make a simple braid, and squeeze pliers - you can make this bracelet!...more

D-I-Y Circle of Love Bracelet

I'm addicted to making bracelets - I just can't get enough! I have so many bracelets now that I had to rearrange my jewelry armoire to make room for them all. This one is so easy to make - even if you have no experience. I'm estimating the cost to be less than $3 (if you buy your supplies when they're 50% off), and construction time to be less than 10 minutes. I really love mine - it's another favorite, and I've already worn it several times....more

Craft Re-fashion Tutorial: T-shirt to Girls Tank Top with Rosette

Have a t-shirt that needs a little make over? Here is all you have to do.If you read this post, you realize that I had a partially ruined purple shirt that I didn't know what to do with. So, after mulling over that problem for a couple days, I decided to re-make it into something wearable for Chloe. A craft fail to a craft fashion, if you will....more
Sweet dress and little one.  :)more

Pat Sloan Which would you pick?

I had an incredible time in NYC, meet fantastic quilters, ate incredible food and discovered something...when I got home I wanted to finish this up.. so which would you pick?.. see my blog for all the info

DIY Valentine's Day Ribbon Wreath Tutorial

I am one of those people who goes all out for Christmas, as far as decorations go, in my home. However, I am severely lacking in decor for other holidays.With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, I've been perusing Pinterest for some cute, handmade Valentine Craft ideas. There are so many different ideas, that I was having a hard time deciding what I wanted to make first.Then, I came across this Eiffel Tower at Target....more

The one with Born Pretty Store water decals review+tutorial (pic heavy)

Good morning all! :) Today I bring you my review of some water decals from Born Pretty Store. I also have a pic-by-pic tutorial of how I used them! Trust me, with these Born Pretty Store water decals, you'll need a tutorial! The instructions on the package are absolutely NO help. The packages I receive from Born Pretty Store come from Hong Kong and Singapore...and there is a definite language barrier issue....more

Basket Weave Nail Art & Tutorial

Hello!  I got a request on facebook for a Basket Weave Nail tutorial after my NoH8 Post.  I love this design so I was glad to do a tutorial so others can do it too.  It's really not as difficult as it may look.  Most nail art isn't as hard as it looks actually.  I've heard a lot of people say that certain designs look intimidating but most of the designs out there just take a little patience and practice.  If you can use a pencil you can use a paint brush, I promise.  Get a...more