DIY Penny and Epoxy Kitchen Countertop

Last September, we finished our butcher block countertops, but we didn't do our bar area. I mentioned in that post that I was open to suggestions and got the great idea to cover it in pennies and epoxy. Well, EIGHT months later, it is finally finished!...more
I had read about a penny countertop once before, but they just glued the pennies on, and didn't ...more

Making a Square Circle Skirt

     I am off to an excellent start on my 12 crafts in 12 days.  The first project I chose to work on was the square circle skirt from Make it & Love it.  This blog has too many awesome tutorials; yes, that's a possibility!...more
I absolutely love your second rainbow skirt! I empathize with the math difficulties: I made a ...more

A few YouTube tutorials..

Last week, my husband and I went out on a much needed date.  Oh how I look forward to date nights!  Getting glammed up (for me anything other than T-shirts and yoga pants is glam) and having one on one time with my guy is the best way to spend the night!...more

Tutorial Tuesday: How the Golden Mean can make your designs more compelling.

In a previous Tutorial Tuesday session, we talked about designing on a grid and the importance of an underlying order in design. Today’s tutorial addresses a more subtle way of ordering designs: the Golden Mean – sometimes referred to as the Golden Ratio or the Divine Proportion....more

Amazing Tree - Beading Tutorials

 Amazing Tree - Beading TutorialsDo you looking for guides to teach you how to beading flowers and trees? Have a look at this website about handmade craft, find tutorials, image guides and learn the handmade art....more

Extra Wide Coupon Wallet Tutorial

Embroidery Stitches

The second ,,line" on the green hat is well on the way. It's not quite done, but you can clearly see where it's heading. EMBROIDERY STITCHES I have had some requests regarding the stitches I'm using. So I'll try to remember to name them as I get along....more

Bow Holder Tutorial

Oddly enough we have a lot of hair accessories for a baby with very little hair.  One day I’ll be able to use them all, but for now I needed a place to put them....more
@victorias_view Thank you so much!more

Beauty Blog

A little MacGuyver inspired photo shoot

Feels like I haven't I haven't posted all weekend.  Oh wait, I haven't. Sorry wonderful people who read my blog.  I've been working on a little side project that took up most of my free time this weekend.  But today I thought I'd give you a tutorial on how to take some "product shots."  You know, pictures of things like jewelry or food or anything that you want to take  a photo of but you want it to have a white background and to be sitting on a white surface. Does this make sense?...more