2 Looks, 2 Tutorials, 1 Face.

Yes, I actually named this post "2 Looks, 2 Tutorials, 1 Face". I really need to come up with better titles if this is what it's come to. No matter what the title is, I am excited to bring you these tutorials. They're 2 completely different looks. One bold and retro, One a bit more subtle yet makes a statement. ...more

Altered Vintage Bingo Card Tutorial

Create this sweet and simple project using vintage Bingo Cards ...more

Bean Bag Beam Blocker

Yep it's true...I've joined the ranks of all the mini blind maker overs. These dated little buggers are NOT in short supply....but...if you don't still have some to turn into recycled treasures...then you can get them for less than five bucks! Two years ago....yes...you read that right...two years ago I got these really cool coffee bean bags.....and I knew when I got them that I wanted them for window coverings....I just wasn't sure how I was gonna sew, fashion or style them. They are so cool....and the best part....burlap! It just doesn't get any more charming than that! ...more

Making a Dry Point Engraving, with Watercolor: Asleep in Rome

Dry Point on Plexi with Watercolor: Asleep in Rome ...more

Simple Tech Series #6: PicMonkey

I thought I was done with my Simple Tech Series, but alas, I have two more fantastic tutorials for you! I hope I have already cured your ails with Pinterest, Twitter, Blogger, Google Reader and the late Picnik. But, I didn't want to leave you on a low note with Picnik's sad news, so I am here to spread photographic joy! This week and next, I will post tutorials for Foto Flexer and PicMonkey. These are the best replacements for Picnik, hands down. So today I bring you... Tutorial Six: PicMonkey PicMonkey is brought to you by the creators of Picnik. It would seem as though I wasn't the only one upset with Google for killing off the best photo editing site on the web. A few of the creators banded together and came up with a photo editor that is simpler (if that was even possible!) and cuter. To upload a picture:...more
do I need to down load something to make Pic Monkey work for me, i haven't been able to get it ...more

Christmas Tutorials On BeanBugCrafts

Hey All! I hope you've stopped by the blog recently to see what all has been going on in December! We've had some great guest bloggers who have helped out with "Tuesday Tutorials" and some great sponsors to help with "Freebie Fridays!" ...more
@sassymonkey Thanks! And it's super easy and quick since the adhesive dries so quickly!more