Warm Winter Wearables to Craft

A cold-front has enveloped most of North America this past week, and many folk are thinking they don't have nearly enough clothes to stay warm. Crafters, however, know it may only take a few hours to make that one piece that help. Let's look at some of the options: ...more

I love the idea of the Fear of Commitment cowl!  I'm so tired of putting on my scarf and ...more

Gather the Family for Some Handmade Christmas Ornament Fun

It's days before Christmas, a major snow storm has hit the US Eastern coast, H1N1 is still ravaging its way around the world.  For a number of reason families are spending time at home with all this pre-season excitement and anticipation about to explode a firecracker.  What to do to make this year memorable and control some that pre-holiday energy?  How about making a few home made ornaments to hang on your tree -or to decorate packages as unique gift tags?  ...more

I was JUST thinking about making ornaments w/my little one while we are on break. Great ...more

Snow Day Crafts: Bling Your Wardrobe

While many crafters are focusing on holiday decorations and finishing up a gift or seven in the next two weeks, there are things happening in the crafty blogs that have nothing to do with holidays.  Check these blogs for a refreshing respite from the holiday madness. ...more

Make your Own Halloween-Spooky Crafts for a Scary Night

Next Saturday, neighborhoods everywhere will place host to goblins, spooks, and ghosts. Which means this week will be filled with craft projects to help build the properly spooky ambience. Let's turn to the blogs to find a few quick projects to help: At the Long Thread, use thin cardboard and a stick from your yard or a field to make this Bat Mobile. ...more

I have been looking for some new scary decorating ideas for around Halloween time so I will try ...more

Craft Tutorials with Scraps or For Small Time

Crafty Tutorials.  Whenever I ask individuals what they want in a post, the loudest answer is always: MORE TUTORIALS.  I spent some time scouring through some of the tutorials I've filed away and think this assortment of old and new items are perfect to share this week. ...more

The best one -really- is turn off your flash. Makes late-night pictures really challenging but ...more

Hand Sewing is Zen for August

Crafting under the right circimstances is zen.  The breath goes in and out.  The needles, fabric, beads click and move in their own magical rhythm.  The world slips away with the repetitive motion of the work.  You feel the calm. Because of this, I'm very excited that August is hand-sewing month at Sew, Mama, Sew.  Kristen explained that she and her daughter are reading the Little House series again, which gets them thinking about sewing: ...more


I seem to remember reading this book; but I have no other memory of it. Must go ...more

The Stash Busting Challenge: Repurpose/ReUse Sewing Tutorials

Another month, another step toward toward Stash Busting! ...more

The Women Who Create Books – Bookbinders and Book Artists

My mind is on other things and they are making me sad. It seems that for every step a woman takes forward there is some human determined to drag us back to our base nature. At times like these I look for inspiration, beauty or something that will engage my curiosity.  Bookbinding is as old as the creation of books themselves. ...more

I'm having trouble actually finding one that's local. I'm going to keep looking though because I ...more

Crafty Blog Tutorials to Make Your Life Better

Crafting it up.  Below are several useful programs and tutorials to add some excitement to your crafting life, whether you're an experienced knitter, a thrifty crocheter, or looking to make your crafting/blogging life better.  ...more

Speaking of tutorials, we recently posted a do-it-yourself article about how to make your own ...more

A 1988 Template Into The Future – Educational Trends

I was about 10 years old. I had just finished a science fiction story that had flying cars, food everywhere and dome housing. I wanted to know if I had a chance to see it in person.  I added my current age decade by decade until I hit 2008. I couldn’t get that old, could I? ...more

Medical Doctors treat symptoms and Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine treat the whole body system ...more