My first childhood fandom; The X-Files..

 Granted that it was scary and not good as a tv show after 9 pm, I loved it and I still do.I was 8 when I first started to watch the series, in 2003 and I instantly became a fan. Ever since that little girl remains the same, waiting till January 24th to watch the new season,Mulder and Scully again. If you are like me, please raise your hand I’d like to give you a high five. Yeah.! *In this post I’m talking about the character Mulder not the actor David Duchovny whose acting is beyond expectation and brilliant & I assure you there are no spoilers about the new season.. So feel free to keep reading.... ...more

The Music Ended On The Walking Dead, "Coda"

 The Walking Dead Midseason Finale's Best MomentsSunday night’s episode was a slow build up to an intense showdown between our Grimes group and Dawn’s hell hospital. The Walking Dead, 'Coda' reunites some of our characters for a very brief moment, and an even less moment of relief, before we had to say goodbye to someone. Let’s discuss our favorite moments of episode 508....more

Good/Bad TV Shows. Let's Talk!

I love television shows.  I’m a sucker for them.  Sometimes I spend hours watching a show and start to wonder why I’m not out living my own life.  I just love them so much.There’s something just so relaxing and feel-good about watching different recreations of alternate realities.  In some circumstances, I can connect with a character so much that I can’t help but wonder what will happen next in their exciting, make-believe life....more

Amazon Fire TV: Farewell Cable Bill, Hello Great Viewing

For years, I've obediently paid my cable TV bill. And then moved, paid for a new installation, and paid some more. And paid as the bill went up. And then moved, paid for a new installation and... well, you get the picture.  Of course, my cable frequently went down due to what the computerized robot that always answered the phone at the cable company called "an unavoidable widespread outage." So when I read about options that would allow me to say farewell to my cable bill and hello to expanded show coverage as well as movies, I was intrigued. I only have basic cable, which means I get five channels and pay a ridiculous $35 a month for that privilege.  I decided to try Amazon Fire TV. ...more
I so want to quit cable but we watch a lot of sports but other then that this looks like a ...more

Was I the Only One Who Liked the #HIMYM Ending?

If you haven’t seen the series finale of How I Met Your Mother, you should bookmark this page and not continue reading until after you have watched it. You have one more chance to click away, before the spoilers come! ...more
I loved it!  Second chances are powerful and being open to sharing yourself to more than one ...more

10 must see tv shows {bossy list}

My last "bossy list" was of my favorite movies. I use the term "bossy list" for any list that tells you that you "must" watch something or whatever. Hey lists - don't you tell me what to do! I'm an adult! ...more

#274 Present, Day 15 of 31

Still have a cold, so will be brief.I love watching medical dramas, but some of the "inexactness" drives me crazy.Like guts.Guts are long and round and tubular with mesentery hanging off of them.They are NOT little pink garden hoses just popping out of the stomach.Let's make them more lifelike shall we...?...more

Will ARROW Be Fall's TV Adventure to Watch?

[Click here to view original post.]Happy Friday, everyone!Caught within the chaos that is the end of the school year, I’m just stopping in with a short one today. My friend passed along a clip that kicked off a great second-to-last day of work, so I wanted to share it with you. It’s a preview for the CW’s new fall show, Arrow, and it looks rather intriguing!...more

Living the dream - in a dream

It was fifteen years ago, give or take. I was so excited when the envelope came. It didn’t look like I expected, it was very plain. I expected something regal, something bold, but it was neither. It was just a plain manila envelope with the word FBI embossed in the top left hand corner. ...more
 @HomeRearedChef  I can so picture you trapped in a cooking show... and that when the month was ...more

the republican candidates

Blog Directoryhow to escape politics..well i sure as heck know that sometimes i just feel like doing something else. people in Europe are so different and sometimes i'm like , “how come america’s not more like that?”down below i picked and chose. since america’s all up in the air right now with what it wants to be i started thinking of where people have it together. well maybe no one has it together. but we could spice things up some.....more