Holiday Tweed.

Dressing up for Christmas is something I've loved to do since I was a little girl....more

Fancy Tweed + Faded Denim.

Mixing something classically feminine with a more rugged piece is a fashion tale as old as time....more

Get Dressy.

I love dresses like this. A classic color palette + cut, with some sass in the form of an open back and a faux leather collar. All I needed to do to complete the outfit was throw on a pair of shoes– nude strappy sandals with a snakeskin platform did the trick. Beyond easy, yet the pay-off ranked up a few style points. ...more

Need for Tweed

 On Friday night, we will be attending a dinner party to honor the late Scottish poet, Robert Burns. Here is part of the witty invitation that was sent out by my sassy lassie friend: ...more

Fall into winter: Making your summer closet work past Labor Day

I love when stylists talk about your "fall wardrobe," blithely assuming both that fall will begin promptly on the Tuesday after Labor Day and that you have a COMPLETELY SEPARATE set of clothes for the period in between the last day of summer and the first day of winter. So what's a girl to do if the weather stays warm until Thanksgiving and she has only the clothes in her closet to get her through all FOUR seasons? Simple: mix and match and layer, layer, layer. ...more

Hi - I am new to the whole "tights with dressy skirts" as I normally wear one piece dresses or ...more