Where have all the pink boys gone?

Not too long ago, the pink boy was everywhere. Essays about toddlers and young boys who adored the color relegated to the girl sections of stores popped up on blogs everywhere. I have a pink boy, but I never thought of him like that. He was just a boy who loved his pink Hello Kitty boots, pink t-shirts and his now-threadbare pink gingham pajamas. He loved pink. A lot. Now he’s a tween, and he still loves pink. But what happened to the rest of them? Those fearless boys who wandered elementary school halls in variations of the favorite shade once reserved for girls?...more

When (and why!) your teenager will be less annoying

I ran across this piece (you can read it or watch the video) that includes a great analogy from the mother of teenagers:http://www.click2houston.com/news/teenage-behavior-caused-by-developing-...She compares raising teens to an alien ship coming down and taking away her "normal" child and leaving her with an alien. Then returning when her teens are in their early 20s to give her back her offspring. (Ignore the ridiculous comment from the (man?) who thinks the woman stopped loving her kids during their teen years.)...more

What happens in your teen's (and preteen's) brain when you nag/criticize

First, let me say that I used the word "nag" because that's the word they used in the article. I think it's got some unfair negative connotations behind it, but let's ignore the semantics for a minute.A group from 3 universities (Harvard, U of Pittsburg and U of California-Berkeley) looked at the brains of 32 healthy pre-teens and teens while they listened to 2 30-second clips. Of the 32 participants, 22 were girls. One clip was the mom "nagging" and the other was the mom just talking about "irrelevant boring stuff like grocery shopping."...more

Top Five Signs You Have a Tween Girl in the House

The other day I hit the button to open the van door at school drop off, just as I have a million other times. I looked over my shoulder and called out, “Bye sweetheart! I love you!”My kind, loving daughter — the one who looks just like I did at age ten — jumped out of the van without glancing over her shoulder and endearingly responded, “Okay!”Um, “okay”? O.K.?How about okay, I’ll rip this dagger from my heart you little punk....more

Everything I Want to Teach My Daughter About Life, She Can Learn From Maleficent

If those of us who have girls plan to continue perpetuating the idea of the fairytale, we should do our daughters a favor and require them to watch Disney's Maleficent around age 11. My husband and I took our 'tween daughter to see it last week and I'm glad we did. Not only was it free popcorn Thursday, but Angelina Jolie's wonderfully wicked character taught my daughter a few things about life...  in 3D. Any kid knows that 3D is cooler than a parent's rambling talk about life....more
Home truths!!more


“Why do the assistants step over her instead of walking around?” Adanna whispered to Nahue.  “A Princess should never disgrace herself by doing something like this.  For an assistant to walk around her is to admit she is not worthy to be a Queen.  The Princess walks around so they will never in life step over a Queen.”  Nahue said, loud enough for Gzifa to hear.            Adanna could see the logic in that....more


“My heart still aches to be with my father.  I want to go comfort her.” Adanna told Nahue. “We can’t interfere.” Nahue said looking over a copy of the ship’s map.             “We can’t.”  Adanna couldn’t get the crying Princess of her mind.“She must get over this in her own time.” Nahue held his bandaged arm.  He had placed on a long sleeve shirt to cover it up. Adanna thought to herself. “I can’t get him into any more trouble....more

My Tween, Myself

This weekend was Lilo’s 9th birthday. Oddly enough, it was her first birthday just a few weeks ago so I am not sure how this has happened. Perhaps it is some sort of Star Trek holodeck switcheroo determined to convince me my baby is in her final year of single digits?The first thing Lilo said to me upon opening her eyes Saturday was, “Good morning, Mommy. I’m a tween.”...more
Fibrobabe Thank you on Lilo's behalf :)more

I know the feeling

The young lady had tried several times to hurry back down the gangplank but when the effects of losing her father became apparent, she reluctantly came on board. On the deck the girl leaned on the rail screaming. “Father!” she cried out. “Help me. Don’t leave me!” her arms were out stretched toward him as he blew silent kisses towards her, still with the blade to his heart. He motioned for her to quite down, to be at ease, just as one would expect a father to do....more

Good byes are never Good

Everyone was ordered to the deck to greet the last on coming guest.  It was a solemn moment.  No one cheered her on.  All stood watching in disbelief.  They had to watch another tearful good-bye.            The ship had been docked for only a few minutes.  Adanna watched the girl say her good-byes to her father several times by kissing and hugging him.  She saw the father whisper words of what could only be encouragement each time he pushed her onto the gangplank. ...more