Does Dr. Phil Do Hormone Therapy?

 Well it's still cold down here in "sunny" Florida. It's gotten so bad that I've become accustomed to wearing my Uggs to bed at night. I had a $400 electric bill last month so I'm opting not to turn the thermostat above 60 this month. It's a little hard to bear around here since we do live in Florida and that means the kids think it's t-shirt and shorts weather year around. I'm the one that looks a bit out of place with my 3 shirts, a sweater, jeans, Uggs, and a sweater coat on....more

Dear Retailer

 Dear Retailer-...more

The Mind of a Tween Girl

[A guess of what my 11-year-old daughter's journal would surely look like, if she had one.] Friday, December 18th 2009 Dear Journal, I let Mom come to school with me this morning to carry my stuff. There was a lot of stuff AND it was raining and I got wet and I hate that. She was pretty much okay except when Ms. Science told her I was missing part of my project. Then I'm pretty sure she would've gone into full lecture mode if we hadn't run into the next teacher who needed cookies. Ugh!! ...more

I'm making note to come back here and read all these daughter blogs...wheeee:)But just had to ...more


As a teen I was always proud to say - I don't drink milk.  Diet Coke was was drink of choice.  Every calorie was viewed by me as an investment on my backside - one that I didn't need because I was bored looking like Jennifer Lopez at 30. I was looking backward when I should've been looking forward. To my horror, I discovered at 50, that peak bone mass is achieved by age 16 for women and that the critical time to do that bodybuilding was during puberty when I was conserving calories for gravy and fries.  ...more

Why Buy the Cow.... or, Giving Girls "the Talk" My grandpa told me in High school Why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free? A reference to where that idiomatic expression comes from is clickable.... OK, so why am I bringing this up? Well, a few weeks ago, I had to give my zillionth "The Talk". ...more

I have been mentoring for decades and take the boys with me.  I work exclusively with ...more

Back-to-school shopping: the tween- and teen-aged years

When your kids are in pre-school and the early elementary years, you can feel pretty confident that they'll like and wear what you buy for them. After all, you're Mommy. You can do no wrong. But once your kids reach the tween- and teen-aged years, back-to-school shopping is a whole new experience. Now you're Mom, not Mommy. And you can't do anything right. ...more

I JUST wrote a blog similar to this toady. Although, you were much nicer about it...more helpful ...more

Budda Baby. Angel Child. ...more

Wow! What a beautiful, insightful piece Laura! It has so many different kinds of emotions, ...more

Summer Reading for Teens and Tweens

"Summer vacation" are two of the best words in any kid's vocabulary. Being the big geek that I was one of the things that I loved most about the summer break was that the warm days all but screamed for me to go sit outside and read. On a blanket, in a hammock, on the beach - it didn't matter. The biggest question was always, "What should I read?" With kids out (or nearly out) of school I know many parents are wondering what books could tempt their kids. Here's a round up of summer reading ideas for teens and tweens. ...more

I like the idea of Love that Dog and Hate that Cat being read by the whole grade. Isn't it great ...more

Welcome to the Panini Generation


You Must Chill

The lighter side of ScreamFree. Tips and thoughts on parenting, marriage,and relationships in general from Jenny Runkel - writer, woman, wife, mother, and lover of all things Lloyd no particular order. ...more