"Relax, Mom," Said My Wise Seven-Year-Old

The other night, my seven-year-old son looked up at me and said, “Mom, you should really relax.” What? Me -- not relaxed? I mean, how could I not be relaxed? We were sitting on the couch watching a movie, as I aimlessly surfed the Internet, reading status updates and deleting an endless stream of unread emails. I’ll admit, his question caught me off guard....more
Our children are often our teachers.  Often we learn from the ups and downs of parenting. ...more

Chats on the Couch

I have to really limit what I say in this posting; and as a writer, it is often hard for me to cut back. However, I'm under strict rules not to divulge personal information about my son from my son!Noah has gotten on to me in the past when he's found out I've posted something about him - whether it be in a blog, on Facebook, or even in a text....more

Balancing Between Childhood and Adulthood

He stands on the edgeofchildhoodarms open widereadyto embrace the world ...more

still had one more to go.....

                      I have a friend. We would get together a lot when she didn't have to go to school. We would watch television ,act goofy,and pig out on the food in the house.Most times we would watch cartoons, but sometimes there would be that special something on that we'd watch too. The weather was still nice so we'd go out either to pick up more food or just so she could play outside.(sometimes there's nothing on television at all)....more

Bonding Over a Homemade Halloween Costume

Does a witch need a hat? I gather modern witches don’t wear them much. Most make do with a garland halo of flowers or something. For Halloween, I thought sewing a costume would bring hours of mother and daughter bonding. Bonding moment number one: Flipping through the pattern books, she asked, “Is this all they have? No Skulls and Stars Gothic Fairy?" Thank goodness there was no Gothic Fairy. I began the delicate task of steering her toward a costumes with nothing too difficult. Simplicity implies simple, doesn’t it....more
we have lots of hours put into the girls costumes this year! I do try to make things that are ...more

How To Have “The Talk” With Your Daughter

Question: You state that many girls get their period at age 8, but at what age should we explain what a period is? Answer: I think you can’t start too early. My 5 year old daughter already knows that when girls get older, they start having blood come out of their vagina, and when that happens, they can have babies. We haven’t had the birds and the bees talk, because it hasn’t come up yet, but she knows about periods and hopefully wouldn’t be caught off guard when hers appears one day....more
 @realhartford  I so agree realhartford!!more

Summer Vacation = boredom

Third week out of school, and my tweenager is b-o-r-e-d. When I was a kid, we weren't allowed to get bored. If I complained about being bored, I was given chores or (shudder) sent to summer school (SCHOOL? In the SUMMER? That's just wrong)....more

Fun Fridays Should Definitely Involve Food on Your Face

  Photo Credit: Kim Bauer; 2010 All Rights Reserved   Homeschool in my house revolves around two pimply faced ‘tweens.  Honestly, they aren’t that pimply yet, but every day I can feel it coming....more