A Haiku that Really Happened - NaBloPoMo

The haiku you are about to read is true. No names have been changed to protect anyone. Just be advised that parenting tweens and teens is not for the faint of heart. It's playing a contact sport without helmet, pads or a ref to call foul or throw flags on questionable plays. Think you’re a cool mom?I am. I did. But maybe…She doesn’t think so. I know I’m weird, mom.Why do you think that? I ask.I like different things. Different’s good....more
CarrieStuckmann Like a HARD ouch.more

What Happens When We Unplug

Every now and again, preferably more often than not, we need a break. A social media break....more

5 BS Excuses Parents Make for Mean Girls

I talked to a friend of mine the other night who told me a heart wrenching story about how a group of 7th grade girls literally got up from a lunch table and moved when her daughter sat down at it. They certainly had a good reason to do it. After all, an 8th grade hottie asked her daughter to the dance and (gasp) she said yes. Unbeknownst to her the boy was verbally taken and off-limits. Yes, I know this sounds like Mean Girls, Part Deux but in fact it wasn't. It's just another day in a garden variety middle school in a small New York town....more

How Apple Turned Me Into The Blogging Equivalent of a Hooker

I will be the first to admit that I'm a geek when it comes to technology and love to have the latest and greatest. I never actually GET the latest and greatest, but it is nice to dream.My 12 year old son, Tre, is the same way. His love of technology comes from his sister, who is an #AppleGirl all the way. He has been after me for the past five months for an iPhone or an iPod Touch 5. Today, his older brother came home with an iPod Touch that one of his friends just gave to him.The theatrics that ensued were Oscar nomination worthy. ...more

5 Ways I Made My Daughters Cry in One Day

For as long as I have had children, people have commented about the hormones that were one day going to invade my home. I have always laughed it off, because it seemed so very far off in the distance. And although I listened to other parents talk about how at age nine their daughters started to change—a little bit more attitude, a little bit more tears, a little more moody—I didn’t take it very seriously. Because like most parents do, I chose denial as my force field, telling myself that my kids were different. I was different. Our journey would be different. ...more
Enjoyed your comments.  Well done!more

Lies I Told My Daughter

You see this little girl, twirling in a pretty summer dress as innocent and as happy as can be? That’s one thing that keeps me from going off the deep end in this crazy ass world. As much as I love her the way she is now, I would love for her to have stayed like this. 8, innocent and thinking boys are gross.This picture was taken 3 summers ago, before the prepubescent hormones,  lip smacking, crushes and the obsession with cute training bras began. The fact that she is entering middle school this fall makes me want to cry hysterically while eating ice cream with  pink rollers in my hair....more

Braces: Behind the curtain

http://jessicarachelorlo.com/When the twins were six we started talking about whether or not they'd need braces. It was an interesting topic for me, because I've never had them. I was excited. By the time they were nine we knew the direction we were headed in, so I called a few Orthodontists in Texas to get an idea of the process and cost. Here's what I didn't expect to find out - it's a secret. It's like Fight Club. Seriously....more
I just had my first get *out* of braces! In case you're curious, what you found is very similar ...more

Too Old For "Frozen" And Too Young For "Catching Fire?" 5 Movies For Tweens To Watch This Weekend

Today is the THE day:  "Catching Fire" is hitting the theaters and I know I'm a fan.  But for those kids that are just a little too young for it or just too old to be wildly entertained by "Frozen," here are 5  favorites from my kids' days:1.  The Goonies: 1985:  Full of action and adventure, this tells the story of the search by a group of friends for One-Eyed Willie, a 17th century pirate. Added bonus:  It was executive produced by Steven Spielberg ...who knew?...more

How to Tweeze Your Tween

Let's face it: There comes a day in every girl's life when it's just time to turn those fuzzy caterpillars over your eyes into beautifully arched eyebrows. Today was the day for my daughter. I never thought that she would want me to be the first to do them -- I thought she would want me to take her to get them waxed or even threaded! So naturally I was thrilled when she asked me to give her brows a little plucking. Actually, I probably got too excited. The look on her face said "Calm down, Mom. It's not that serious," and I'm sure she was rolling her eyes on the inside. Maybe even on the outside, but I was so happy that I didn't notice. Oh well, moving along....more
Funny you say that, The first thing she said was "Make sure you get the middle, mom."more

Just like that, a journey is over...

He's done.My oldest will never be a Cub Scout again.  He graduated last night, and received his Arrow of Light.  He'll be moving on to Boy Scouts now, his first meeting in a few days.  He's already signed up for camp this summer.He's growing up.The years we've put into Cub Scouts, the energy and time and effort and dedication are done....more