How to Tweeze Your Tween

Let's face it: There comes a day in every girl's life when it's just time to turn those fuzzy caterpillars over your eyes into beautifully arched eyebrows. Today was the day for my daughter. I never thought that she would want me to be the first to do them -- I thought she would want me to take her to get them waxed or even threaded! So naturally I was thrilled when she asked me to give her brows a little plucking. Actually, I probably got too excited. The look on her face said "Calm down, Mom. It's not that serious," and I'm sure she was rolling her eyes on the inside. Maybe even on the outside, but I was so happy that I didn't notice. Oh well, moving along....more
Funny you say that, The first thing she said was "Make sure you get the middle, mom."more

Running in Circles…One 5K at a Time

Ah….the year is finally winding down, yet, I am still running in circles. Camp forms need to be completed, sneakers need to be replaced, closets need expunging, duffle bags require fumigating.   I’m a one woman show.  I  amass the camp clothes, label, wash all the pool towels on a regular basis and I wonder sometimes, do my kids actually know how much behind the scenes preparation it takes just so they can have fun? The answer is a resounding NO.  I work alone with no one beside me....more

Motivation and us ...

Look around us! Some of us are not performing to our own expectation. Moral is low at some work-place. Then why are we demanding our kids to be the top performers? Why aren't we? Why aren't they? As I mentioned in my last posting that I look beyond 'grades,' a friend of mine IM-ed me and noted, not all of the children are top performers! Some are struggling to get the perfect grades let alone thriving for knowledge. I agree! Ultimately, we all care about the bottom line, top performance! But, I just wanted us, as a parent, to look beyond or maybe a little closer to why ... ...more

Who says I am a typical mom!

Today, my girl, who is fourteen, told me that there is this dance event in her school. She said she is not going and would rather stay home watching kung-fu episodes with us. Most moms would have been happy to know that their girls are not party type. Yes. I am!

I am with you every step of the way …

“Mommy, do you think I will have a night-mare tonight?”“No, you will not, Baby Boo.”“Are you sure, Mommy?”“Yes! Because I will be there in your dream to protect you.”“Okay. Good nite and love you, Mommy!”“Good nite and love you , Baby Boo,” And she didn't have the night mare that she had on the night before....more

days leading to halloween

                            Well, here we go again! My friend came over to hang out with me for the weekend.She kept trying to spray something minty in my mouth. Was I supposed to take that personal? I decided it wasn't worth it-but in my mind I thought it was sad that I didn't have anyone to kiss! You had to have been there to understand. The first night, we didn't really do too much....more