Using Tweetchats for Exposure

We all know that Twitter is a great format to use in promoting yourself or your company online. What not everyone knows (yet), is how to use Tweet Chats as a tool to gain even more exposure through Twitter. If you haven’t ever joined or held a Tweet Chat or don’t know why you would, keep reading!What is a Tweet Chat?...more

7 Tips For Surviving Twitter Chats

In my first two posts about Twitter chats, I pointed you to a list of Every single Twitter chat and then, once you were overwhelmed, explained How to find the right chat for you....more

That's so true. Thanks, Virginia! Of course, your followers can always muute you via ...more

6 Steps to Finding The Twitter Chat That's Right For You

Last week I posted a list of every Twitter chat. But with hundreds available, how do you choose the ones that are right for you? Now, there are so many topics and so many people on The Twitter, you can probably find a chat on every topic. But not all chats are well moderated and not all chats will provide you value. Consider what you want to learn, what you can contribute and when you want to be locked down for an hour online....more