Boost Your Tweet Reach with 9 Easy Marketing Tips

Imagine… Twitter is 7 years old. In social media years, it’s like Dog Years (a robust 49). With billions of tweets, Twitter is a marketing force that is difficult to ignore. Marketers are finding new and creative ways to make Twitter a larger part of their online efforts. Below are 10 tips that can boost your effectiveness in delivering your messages: ...more
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What Will You Find When You Download Your Twitter Archive?

I was recently reading this post from BlogHer’s Blogging and Social Media editor, Melissa Ford, about backing up your social media content, which said one of the things you should do to protect yourself is download all of your tweets. Did you know you could do that? ...more
How fun is this! I didn't realize that I've been on Twitter since 2008! My first tweet was ...more

Would You Ever Delete All Your Tweets?

Ever have that urge to completely start over your social media world from scratch? Dump all those old blog posts and reinvent your writing life? Clean out your Facebook account and start friending anew? What about wipe out all your old Tweets but keep your followers? ...more
I have used TwitWipe a handful of times and I really like the service the provide. I like having ...more

BlogHer Writers '11: A Day in Tweets

BlogHer Writers '11 was a fantastic, educational, inspiring, fun and encouraging conference. For those who couldn't attend, missed a session or were just caught up in the moments of their own day, we thought we would show a "Day in the Life of BlogHer '11"... via Tweets. There were many, many more, of course. These are just a few to give you a flavor of the day. ...more
Sounds like it was a great and informative conference...hope you guys do this again next year, ...more

5 Content Strategies to Increase Conversations and Conversions

By Bob Speyer, Web Success Team ...more

Utilizing Twitter Hashtags to Market Your Business

Once you’ve begun the process of using Twitter, you’ll begin to notice phrases embedded in people’s tweets that are known as “hashtags.” A hashtag is a word or phrase in a tweet that has a “#” prefix (the “#” is a “hash” symbol, hence the root of the name)....more

Stephanie Fierman On The (Tw)Attention Economy

I’ve really started to wonder how we can possibly ingest the fire hose of information that comes at us every day. The obvious answer is that we can’t. ...more

Can Twitter Give You an Edge in this Economy?

Twitter, Facebook.....these social media tools are becoming more of a business basic for promoting and marketing a small business.  I am doing more than talking about new media tools to promote and market small business.  I'm using several of these free communication tools to stay connected during the business day. ...more

Come Twitter With Me

If you haven't joined the social media Twitter yet, check it out. You might even want to create your own account. ...more

Is That You Leo? Celebrities On Twitter

Did you know Leonardo DiCaprio is on Twitter? Ah lovely Leo...sigh. A heartthrob to millions of women for his role in "Titantic," and now a truly accomplished actor with a fine record of work on his resume including "Revolutionary Road," "The Departed," and "Blood Diamond." ...more

Thank you for posting this. Very well written. Its more important than we give credit. Think ...more