Sinking Into Sweet Uncertainty

(guest post by Annie) I’m on the verge of giving notice at my job, at a place I’ve worked for nearly nine years, the school I came to straight out of high school. I have been here for 12 years, my entire adult life. ...more

A Dozen Steps Toward Recovery

In Alcoholics Anonymous, they often say that alcoholism is not the problem, it is just a symptom. Many people, especially in early recovery, enthusiastically cast aside drinking for another addictive behavior, and just about everyone in every twelve-step program discovers myriad other self-destructive behaviors they’re engaging in as they take inventory of their lives. These behaviors echo past trauma and abuse. The true problem is that these traumas have taught us that we deserve pain and chaos. We have learned to seek out and recreate our unresolved traumatic experiences even after the original harmful situations have passed. It is immaterial whether we perpetuate it by starving ourselves, berating ourselves, short-circuiting our bodies with harmful substances, underearning, choosing and staying with abusive people, cutting our bodies, or something else entirely. So what’s the solution? Well, don’t worry, we have our top psychologists, scientists, and therapists working on that around the clock… oh. We don’t? Well. Here are a few pieces that might fit. ...more

I'm in recovery in theAl-anon program. I'm currently working step 4 which I talk about ...more

An Equal and Opposite Reaction

I used to be confused about sexual abuse. I knew that it was really horrible to be an abuse survivor - not that I was one, no, of course not - but I didn't understand exactly why. I understood why rapes and beatings would be traumatic, and all the shame associated with being molested, but not why an infant would be traumatized by a simple touch. ...more