Twice Baked-Grilled Potatoes from $5 Dinners

If you paused a little when you saw "baked" in the title of this recipe for these cheesy potatoes that are finished on the grill, Erin from $5 Dinners has a brilliant idea for baking these without heating up the house.  She "bakes" the potatoes in the slow cooker (and even puts it out on the porch for a new take on outdoor cooking.) I bet most families would gobble these up as a meatless dinner option, maybe with a fruit salad and some kind of grilled vegetables on the side. ...more
Yummy and affordable! Perfect!!!more

I want to teach you how to bake a potato

    Baking potato with me....  ...more

A Month of Side Dishes: Things a Monkey Could Cook -- Mini Fluffy-whips and Steamed Veggies

December is BlogHer's Month of Side Dishes, and we want you to share your favorite side! Click here to see how to play along. And check out all the sides we're craving in the Month of Side Dishes series....more