Celebrating Women In Film With ‘Twilight’ Storytellers Contest

Whether you read the books or simply watched the 'Twilight Saga' movies you can't deny the massive hit it was among women. Women dominated the box office and have since continued to let Hollywood know that we do have a voice! Today, The Twilight Saga lives on via the voices of inspiring film makers. The opportunity comes from a star-studded group of female panelists including Stephenie Meyer, Kristin Stewart, Kate Winslet and Octavia Spencer, to name a few, will be banned together with Facebook, Volvo, and Lionsgate setting forth a unique contest....more

June Twilight

It has been a good day.Zush got her summer haircut, which is making her comfortable. We got some really good walks in.Our neighbors invited us to a “man cave/pool” warming.Now we are kicked back and everyone is relaxing.We had a beautiful late day sun down on the bay, making us appreciate the distance from the city even more, and now, with the windows open, a beautiful breeze is sailing through the house.Here’s hoping your day was that good!...more

Because I find weird EVERYWHERE, that's why.

cross posted from http://nopithyphrase.blogspot.com I spent a whirlwind weekend in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington....more

Paramore, Twilight, and Endearing Sarcasm

Birdie began reading Twilight this weekend.  *collective gasp*  Yeah, I know-- what was I thinking?! ...more

Fifty Shades of Vampires and Fairytales

I never read fairytales as bedtime stories to my daughter when she was little....more


I have weird obsessions, or addictions, if you will.  I get obsessed and then can’t think of anything but for months on end....more

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part II: So? Did You See It?

So...who did it? Who braved a thursday midnight 10pm screening of the Twilight franchise's final installment? I mean someone did, because the movie had taken in $30.4 million dollars by the time midnight hit on the west coast (which is still less than Harry Potter's final bow or The Dark Knight Rises summer launch, but a very impressive showing for a school night nonetheless.)...more
I agree with Robin. It's not a spoiler, but there is a surprise that deviates from the book. I ...more

Twilight Twist: Leko the Poodle vs. Jacob Black

The other day, I was flipping through the channels on tv and caught the tail end of Twilight: New Moon. Twilight is one of those movies I’ve seen a hundred times, and yet any time it’s on I get sucked into watching!...more
hah! Go Leko!more

My Comic Con Twilight-Breaking Dawn Experience

My Comic Con Twilight - Breaking Dawn experience today: from the 12 hour wait in line, the 7 minute movie treat to the joy of both the exhaustion and exhiliration of it all.http://guamgoddessintraining.blogspot.com/2012/07/comic-con-2012twilight-breaking-dawn.html...more

Women and YA Fiction - WTH?

What is the deal with grown adult women reading and becoming obsessed with Young Adult fiction? First it was Harry Potter. Then Twilight. Now Hunger Games. Ladies, did you know that there are entire branches of literature that are not geared toward teenagers? ...more
I think that if you're the mom of a child who is reading enthusiastically on his/her own, you ...more