Why Katniss Could Kick Bella @SS - vamp or not!

If you don't understand the heading of this post, then you should probably just skip it. Don't know who Katniss is - shame on you! Not sure about the Bella reference? Double shame.Today, on the opening day of Hunger Games - I wanted to post a quick blog about why I think Katniss could kick Bella @ss. Let it be noted that I'm a huge fan of both books.  I enjoy the Twilight series and can't wait for the final movie.  The books far surpass the films, but I still eager await each opening weekend and have been known to attend alone if necessary. ...more
Yep. Katniss is one tough chick. I love her.more

Win Bella's Twilight wedding gown and a free honeymoon!

By now we have all see the gorgeous creation that Bella wore when she wed Edward in Twilight Breaking Dawn - Part I.  It was timeless, classic and vintage inspired, and brides to be all over the world want it to be theirs.  Now you can win a replica of Bella's gown, along with an incredible seven-night honeymoon.  Click here for more information. ...more
Nice infomore

Vamp Up Your Style – Prepare for Breaking Dawn Part I

By: Becky BerowskiPhoto Courtesy of Photobucket“O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”...more

Breaking Dawn

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home Breaking Dawn   Couple weeks back my thoughts on the movie Breaking Dawn could be found in an article in SheKnows.com....more

Breaking Down

In a curious stroke of luck, I had a chance to go see Breaking Dawn today.  A group of courageous women bought tickets to see the movie in Huntsville, Alabama.  Unfortunately, one had to back out.  That opened up a ticket for meeeeeeeeeeeee!...more

Day 17, Twilight Musings...

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Electric Boogaloo The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Connecting with another "Twilighter" at Starbucks, random, unexpected and nice! http://guamgoddessintraining.blogspot.com/2011/11/twilight-breaking-dawn-part-1-electric.html...more

Breaking Dawn #NaBloPoMo

 I admit it.  I'm going to the midnight showing of Twilight, Breaking Dawn.  (Yes, I am a bit ashamed to say so.  Well, not really.  But kinda.)  ...more

Breaking Dawn

Get ready for the movie by listening to the audiobook of Breaking Dawn.The book is the final installment of the Twilight saga. If you haven’t heard of Twilight, you need to come out from under your rock more often.In Breaking Dawn, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen marry, much to the chagrin of Jacob Black, Bella’s former friend. The couple finally consummates the passion that has been brewing since book one. In the process, Bella becomes pregnant. The majority of the book deals with the consequences of Bella’s pregnancy in her family and the larger world of vampires....more

Banned Books Week: Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight"

When Stephenie Meyer launched on to the book scene in 2005 no one could have guessed that she'd be launching one of the most successful series of the decade. Not only that, but with Twilight she turned all that we thought we knew about vampires upside down. Suddenly vampires could go out in the sunlight, they just didn't because it made them *sparkle*. ...more
@eclark730 Exactly. My non-reading young teenager picked up the first three books in this series ...more

There Is No Solace Anywhere, For Anyone Who Dreads To Go Home. . . .

  The title of this post is a quote from an autobiographical novel. Which one, and who said it? (Bonus points if you know!) This post is from an article for teachers and librarians that I wrote many, many years ago. I found it in a box of old papers I was cleaning out, as we are moving in a few weeks and I am throwing out anything and everything I haven't used in the last five minutes.  I’d forgotten about it, and this bothers me, because we should never forget about such things....more