Twilight and a Limo Ride: A Preteen's Dream Night

So, last night was the Great Limo and Movie Night. To back up a bit, I should explain that crafty daughter is a 12-year-old reading whiz. She literally reads books in one sitting, often reading several books at once. She has been known to read her 5 year old brother's library books...she will read books just about anything, except possibly math. Over the summer she participated in a reading program for teens at our local library. For every hour she read, she got a "book buck." She also received book bucks for doing research at the library. ...more

T-w-i-l-i-g-h-t Review

Me, along with everyone in this small town, were at the 1:45 p.m. movie yesterday!! ...more


I've been having fun reading Twilight for the first time, and blogging about the experience.  It seems like everyone I talk to has an adamant opinion, unswervingly for, or against "Twilight."  I'd love to get more involved in a discussion of the book, of the movie (which I do not plan to see in theaters.  waiting for cable!) I'm reading the book, blogging about the experience, and biding my time until I write the post about vampire books and movies I like much, much better.  But I have to read Twilight first, to make sure I know, in detail, what I dislike about it. ...more

Fall's Twilight Look

While I was browsing through the style trends of Fall 2008, I came across the designs of Roberto Cavalli's Ready To Wear look and found it vaguely familiar. ...more

Vampire books, a gateway drug

I had to stand up for the Twilight series on my Facebook page, as all my journo friends dissed it as drivel. Yes, my daughter Jennifer and I are going to go see it tonight, or maybe tomorrow if she's too tired from basketball practice. She had wanted to go at midnight today, but I nixed that as I had to show up to work with a clear head, or at least a brain that functioned and she had a biology quiz today. So no go. ...more

I'm disappointed and tired... (Review of Twilight)

This will be brief because I have to run to work... after having 2 hours of sleep and braving the Northeast cold to attend the 12:01 viewing of Twilight this morning. ...more

Fans Bitten By Twilight Movie Fever

var iamInit = function() {try{initIamServingHandler(234,349,528018,"")}catch(ex){}}() Twilight fans the internet over are squeeing with excitement. We are braced on the edge of anticipation because this week some of the most beloved characters in recent memory will come to life. Yes, Stephenie Meyer's Twilight it hitting the big screens. We haven't seen the likes of this since Harry Potter first hit cinemas and Twilight fans are predicting that it will end up being even bigger than Harry Potter at the box office. Will it live up to the hype or will it be a one-week wonder? ...more

We both enjoyed ourselves. I rather liked the portrayal of Edward as an occasionally awkward ...more


Well I absolutely cannot wait until tomorrow.  And anyone who clicked on the title of this blog knows why.  I'm dying to see the Twilight movies in theatres TOMORROW!!!!!!  I may even have to make it a matinee.  After hearing so much about these Stephenie Meyer books, 2 months ago, I went to my local library and was told that there were 28 people ahead of me to check out the first book, Twilight.  Now I was really curious so I went to Walmart to buy the book (only $9). ...more

Stephenie Meyer- Literacy Goddess

I never really read a book. Who had the time with school, work, and now a family? When I sat down I wanted to watch tv and veg out... until I was introduced to Stephenie Meyer. ...more