Book Club Friday

Tonight is the official first meeting of my book club, graciously put together by my sister (a new mom).  I am excited to get out of the house and am ready for some adult talk.  Of course, I am the only mommy taking the kids, but its my sister's house and my boys' home away from home (and DH is working again tonight). We will be discussing Twilight by Stephenie Meyers ...more

Twilight Fans Flock to Forks

A small town, moody scenery, and the lure of vampires - what isn't there to like? Ok, so the vampires may be fictional but that's not stopping fans of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series from flockinging to Forks, WA. The Forks community is taking their status as a literary tourism hotspot in stride. The Forks Chamber of Commerce website proudly proclaims that they are the home of Twilight. Just how many Twilighters are visiting Forks? ...more

Yes, if I could go to forks I would. The reason I would go to Forks is because yes i am a major ...more

My Latest Obsession

I was going to blog about something completely different tonight. However, I got side tracked and just had to go check out more of Stephenie Meyer's website, and I got busy going through her playlists. Between that and being a Mommy to a newborn and a boisterous four year old, I just couldn't get to what I wanted to write about. I have this ongoing list in my head regarding a slew of topics I've yet to cover which I promise I will get to...eventually. ...more

A Whole Lot of Sucking: Vampires Storm Popular Culture (Again)

If you're diving into television, movies, or books lately, you may have noticed that vampires are having a renaissance again. From Twilight jumping to the big screen to television shows, I decided to round up what's at stake this fall and holiday season (I'll show myself out). ...more

The Twilight Series: Terrific or Troublesome?

It seems that every which way you turn these days you cannot escape the Twilight series phenomena. The fourth book in the Stephanie Meyer series, Breaking Dawn will be released next week. The Twilight movie covering the first book in the series will hit theaters in December and people are discussing the teaser trailers all over the internet. And what can I say other than I'm a bit smitten with the Twilight series myself. ...more

I found myself so frustrated with Bella from the middle of the first installment on. I love the ...more

The Trouble with Twilight

Spoiler alert: This post covers things that happen over the course of three books in Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series. If you have not read the books, you may want to skip this blog entry. ...more

I hated a lot of third books in the past year or so and have come to dread them. Authors seem to ...more

Twilight Saga, Parts 1 - 3

For this post, I'm actually going to write about all three published books in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer (Twilight, Full Moon, Eclipse), as they are light enough that I don't really think they all need to be discussed individually. There is still a fourth book to come this summer, and I will probably write about that individually once it is published.Although these books are written for a young adult audience, I found them every bit as entertaining and captivating as many books written for adults. ...more