Parents Don't Have Time to READ!

I've been tired since 1983, which not-so-coincidentally is the year my first daughter was born.  Since she graced my life, there have been four more daughters. The youngest is now 10 and I'm finally pulling out of that always-tired stage.  ...more
SCanon Somer! That was PRIVATE!  OK, well, I guess it wasn't if I figured I could get a laugh by ...more

6 Twitter #Fails You May be Making

Did you know that of all the Twitter users in the universe, almost 100% of all tweets are from 40% of the users, and 40% of the users have never tweeted - at all??...more

Nov 9 - Bird Bomb

I just broke one of my own cardinal rules.  I became a Tweeter.  Modern times has finally forced my hand, but they make bird bombs for a reason...Check out the rest @ ...more

Do I Have A Voice? Can You Hear Me Now?

Perhaps one day I will have a voice, but for now I have voices. They are all mine.There are times when I write as a little girl with strong opinions who is still learning to use her mouth to form the right words.“Fank you.”“I fink fings ought to be done different.”“And den dey said fings, and den I got mad.”This is mostly a private practice, but it allows me to express feelings in a creative way. It allows me to have a slightly different point of view that is still authentic but easier to express....more

How To Improve Your Profile Picture

Let’s face it; we would all love to have a KILLER profile picture for all our social media networks.    So what are some tricks and tips for a great profile photo?1)      Make sure your photo ACTUALLY looks like you.  Don’t go overboard with editing to where your photo doesn’t resemble you and PLEASE don’t use a photo from 5 plus years ago, unless you truly look the same....more

5 Ways to Look Like a Pro on Twitter

Twitter: we might know what it is, or have an account, but do we really know how to use it? Twitter is not just for companies or brands. As a young adult, your social media presence represents your own personal branding, and so it’s important to learn how to use this platform to promote yourself in the best way possible! Here are five ways to look like a pro on Twitter:...more

Will Ello Kill Facebook, or Is It Just a Lot of Hype?

I joined Ello because everyone else was joining Ello. (And yes, if all the kids jumped off the bridge, I would jump off the bridge, too!) And now we're all milling about at Ello, and it feels like the awkward start of a party. You know what I'm talking about? That moment when you first get there, when the hostess is still running around, cleaning up by tucking her clothes underneath her blanket. It's that moment before all the other people arrive, and you're just sort of standing about, making small talk with people while you wait for everything to... begin. Except... what if this is it? What if this is Ello? What if this social media party turns out to be a dud because the hosts didn't count on the mass Exodus from Facebook this week when Facebook stuck to their "you need to use your real name" guns that brought everyone over Ello's threshold? Or what if it turns into a social media revolution that forces the larger sites to change the way they interact with users? ...more
Their manifesto doesn't say they're sharing your info with advertisers, it explains that ...more

How to Build a Community Using Twitter

When I first started blogging, social media didn't even factor into my plan.  They seemed like two completely different subjects, and the latter was one I had no interest in.  And the most ridiculous, at least in my opinion, was Twitter.  In fact, my friend and I who co-wrote my first blog regularly made fun of it - "I'm getting in the shower, I'm drying off, I'm brushing my teeth..." we'd joke with one another.  Little did I know that in a few years, Twitter would be my favorite social media site, and the number-one traffic source for my blog. ...more
Thank you for this - my Twitter is very lob-sided, tons of people I want to follow and a mix of ...more

It’s OK to #Selfie Share in Moderation

Being a photographer gives me an excuse to be the one hiding behind the lens of a camera.  I wouldn't consider myself shy  but I'm constantly trying to build confidence to toot my own horn in person or online. The trendy of sharing #selfies has actually helped me be more confident at sharing a candid me....more

5 Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Blog Posts

As bloggers, we spend a lot of time hovering over our keyboards, trying to come up with the right words and keep our sentences free of grammatical errors.  We slim down our content to make it easy to read and try not to bore our audience. Once we are happy with our masterpiece, which often feels as if it could go through one more round of edits, we hit “publish.” That's a lot of work for one little post. But what happens next? In other words, are you using social media to the best of your ability to extend the life of that blog post? ...more
You are very welcome Spit and Sparkles! Thanks for sharing!  You probably just saw a bunch of ...more