Using Social Media the FAB Way!!

In today’s world, using the Internet has become a valuable way to connect to people and pass the time. Businesses use social media to promote and advertise. And people in general use it is a great way to get their information to people on a larger scale. This media enables the average user to broadcast and communicate on a totally different level....more

$60 dollar Target Card Twitter Giveaway

I am so excited to be one of the many host (including 28 others) of this $60 dollar Target gift card. I love Target, and could spend millions there if I had it. So, I know this gift card will be a hit. There are a few guidelines for this giveaway to check out before entering the giveaway....more

Twitter This Way . . .

When doing research for my Blog,, I quickly realized that learning the ways of Twitter was a must if I planned on having anyone read it.  This presented a challenge.  I had no idea how to tweet....more

Schedule Tweets in Just 6 Quick Steps

While my husband says I'm an addict, I say I love to be on Twitter as much as the next person (tweet me!)....more
Thanks for sharing and on the reminder on Hootsuite, I kept forgetting to look it up and sign ...more

Tweets I Could'a Twitted

A week's worth of what would have I would have tweeted...if I only had the time... ...more

Aesthetically Sweet Updates

For the Latest on my blog Aesthetically Sweet follow me on twitter at @Ast_Sweet.Updates are sent each new post made to the blog. Added bonus to following me: delectable food pictures and insight!All support so appreciated in following my dreams<3  ...more

Why instagram offers self gratification & I love it

Ok so I'm going to hold my hands up and admit it, I am a total selfie addict. If you see my instagram (link ) you will see there are a lot of photos of me, my dog, food and general rubbish I can't understand why anyone would be interested in but whatever I love it....more

I'm a Facebook Girl Living in a Twitter World

 My most recent goal for reacquainting myself with today's digital marketing landscape was learning about Twitter.  I tried getting on Twitter once before so I could follow my brother at the Sochi Olympics, (writing, not competing).  It's very telling that a) I only followed him and b) Instead of ever making my first Tweet, I went and wrote about getting on Twitter on my Facebook page....more

Social Media and Me

In case you think what I have to say is pretty rad and interesting, you can also follow me on facebook at Adora-ble Designs, instagram at @studchic1, and twitter at @buffmama2011. If your interest is in what I'm making, you can check out my shop on at AdorableDesignsNYC.I look forward to meeting you in the cyber world!Keep sweating and sewing.Adora...more