How to Deal With Twitter Drama

If you’re on Twitter, actively tweet, and have an opinion about anything, it’s inevitable that someone will disagree with you. Most folks are decent human beings able to let it go if you don’t end up seeing eye to eye. Every once in a while, though, a relentless tweeter will forget that you are a person they’ve never ever met, and will completely lose their mind 140 characters at a time. ...more

I Finally "Took to Twitter"

A decade ago when Twitter was this fun new thing, I jumped aboard like a hip wanna-be Gen-Xer. I was such a late bloomer with everything else, it felt great to be riding on the Millenial bandwagon. Thinking of tweets consumed my mind more than I care to admit. ...more

Is It Always a Good Idea to Use Hashtags on Social Media?

Locowise did a study last year that looked at best practices for the use of hashtags. The study examined how brands use hashtags in their posts, how many hashtags they use, and what the engagement rate is depending on number of hashtags used. Three months of data from Instagram and Twitter were examined. The engagement rate is defined as the percentage of total followers who either click on like or comment (or retweet on Twitter) on each post. ...more
Too many hashtags can look desperate LOL. A few are kind of fun because they can add humor or ...more

3 Tips For Small Business Customer Service Using Twitter

A small business often has a lot to do and not a lot of staff to do it. Is your personal cell phone number also the contact number for your business?...more

Should Therapists Use Social Media?

Finding a therapist today is a little like online dating. It's not that much of a stretch; therapy is a relationship after all. For it to be effective, the client needs to be at least as emotionally vulnerable with a therapist as with a potential partner. Things get personal in therapy from the very beginning. People often reveal more in the first few sessions with a therapist then they ever do in other relationships. In order for clients to be comfortable, they want to feel a connection with the therapist before they commit. ...more

Twitter is 10 Years Old Today! Send it Some Birthday Wishes

Twitter is all grown up and hitting its tween years today on its 10th anniversary. Happy birthday, Twitter! It seems like only yesterday that I was sitting in a BlogHer panel in San Francisco, listening to the speaker tell us about this newfangled site that is sort of like a stream of public instant messages. Or that's how I understood it at the time. ...more
Lavender Luz Hahahaha. That's awesome.more

#BlogHer16 Connections Via Old School Twitter Lists? Yes!

Last week I wrote about one great benefit that conference attendees receive once they register: admittance to the official "Going To BlogHer Annual Conference" Facebook group.  ...more