Can Triberr Get You More Web Traffic [Or Is Traffic a False God]?

Can Triberr Get You More Web Traffic [Or Is Traffic a False God]?Full post at: Bottom line: Triberr can be very powerful.It's up to YOU to maximize its incredible potential in your business....more

We Chased Our Kids Off Facebook

 Have you noticed less interaction with your teen or college student on Facebook?  Why are they not posting photos or updates? Where have they gone?...more

Twitter Productivity {With Infographic!}

Without proper planning Twitter for business can be a complicated and time consuming activity.  In this post I break down how you can become more productive with Twitter on a daily and weekly basis and some tips on how to make the process a little less time consuming....more

Celebrities on Twitter... They're Closer Than You Think!

Remember back when the closest we could get to sending a message to our favourite celebrity was to use the publicist's address or their fan club's post office box that was listed in the back of Tiger Beat magazine? Nowadays, those very same celebrities are on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, interacting... or... ignoring... fans (see, just like in the good old days!). Momaical has a great post about tweeting celebrities, and how to interpret their hidden messages just to you. ...more
I mainly follow sci-fi actors and sometimes they reply back to my tweets. My most proud ...more

When Blogging Gets Ugly

Mine eyes have seen the coming of the gory of the blog. It's happened. I've been blogging enough to see blogging drama with my own eyes. I was once told to keep an eye out on Twitter for the drama. But I honestly never thought I'd ever see it unfolding before my own eyes--not once, but twice. The first time it was a few weeks ago regarding Blissdom....more

Social Media: The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Have you ever loved something so much that you almost hate it? Or you love it for a while and then things turn sour?Well, I’m in a relationship from which I cannot break up, a relationship bordering on abusive. And of course, I could never leave. It’s my connection to the world, my lifeblood, my career.  But with each passing day, I’m collecting more reasons to despise it....more

Weekly Marketing Skinny: How Ana Offended Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios

In the spotlight this week:Affiliate marketing industry is getting slapped around;Copyright infringement and my personal woes with it;New features on Twitter and Facebook;Facebook is coming out with their own Android?Google Analytics becomes more hands-on in real time;Link building resources;…And more.Let’s get down to business. ...more

Suggestions for Personal Social Media Use

Boost Your Tweet Reach with 9 Easy Marketing Tips

Imagine… Twitter is 7 years old. In social media years, it’s like Dog Years (a robust 49). With billions of tweets, Twitter is a marketing force that is difficult to ignore. Marketers are finding new and creative ways to make Twitter a larger part of their online efforts. Below are 10 tips that can boost your effectiveness in delivering your messages: ...more
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