You Make Me Sick!

Whenever I can, I greet the day with breakfast, a chai tea latte and the daily news. Though I've always loved spreading the newspapers out across the breakfast table, these days I find I spend more time checking online resources and following the trails of interconnected links....more

Twitter verses Google +

I love social media. It has opened up for me some unbelievable doors. I have made many lifetime friends as well as have the opportunity to learn lots of things about using some of the social media tools such as twitter, skype, ustream, etc.. by chatting with others. Twitter has always been one of my favorite places on the net. Ever since google plus came on the scene I just adore it. I wonder if it will take the place of tweeting. Although all the social media spots seem to have their place. Much like going to parties some are more formal and some are a free for all....more

Wash Your Wall Off With Soap

"Wash your wall off with soap" just doesn't have the same fear producing punch as the age old dreaded threat of "wash your mouth out with soap". Yet when the terms come into play, we're reminded that bad language is bad manners and unacceptable. Social media users would be best advised to remember the admonitions of Mom and Dad and watch their language both verbally and online....more

Live Tweet the Oscars with BlogHer Pop!

It's almost time!  Tonight, the celeb set will stroll the red carpet down Hollywood Boulevard and into the Kodak Theater for the 84th Annual Academy Awards and you can bet your butt we here at BlogHer Entertainment will be watching -- and live tweeting -- every single second of it. Because honestly, isn't making fun of the rich and famous what Oscar night is all about? ...more
@the818 @blogherpop I'm so happy it's not tape delayed :)more

jury duty

Blog Directoryi didn't mind it because:8 am: they gave me a free newspaper9 am: the clerk's office gave me $15 ...more

Designate a Thinker if You're a Drinker

Sometime in my past I was guilty of being at a party or two and having a little too much to drink. I know I probably said and did some crazy things, but my fellow revelers forgave me because they were being pretty crazy too. Though the expression hadn't been coined yet, everyone adhered to the tacit consent of "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" rule. We seldom had to worry about how our behavior would look in the bright glare of daylight because, by then, nobody could remember most of it anyway....more

Things I Love – Day 4: Twitter

In honor of Valentine’s Day being this week, I thought I’d spend some time talking about things I love. It might be a person one day, a thing the next, a place another day. I hope you spend some time this week thinking about the ones that mean the most to you. It doesn’t have to be your partner – it can be the BFFs you’ve had forever....more
@Kraken Absolutely!! I'm going to do more detailed posts but feel free to tweet me a question ...more

Loose Lips & Loose Fingertips

The expression "Loose Lips May Sink Ships," was coined by the  U.S. Navy during WWII to remind sailors of the importance of keeping information out of the hands of the enemy. Though this expression may still be used by the military, civilians would be well-advised to embrace the concept as it pertains to modern-day social media use....more

Tangled Small Talk: Twitter-style

Twitter makes me uncomfortable, but I'm told it's a good way to "build my brand" (which makes me think of a towering monolith with ill-fitting jeans and mismatched socks and I shudder.) I also get a teeny bit defensive that there are things out there that I don't really "get", but teenagers adopt them with ease. So I must conquer them. It was that or Justin Bieber, and Twitter seemed the lesser of the two evils....more

If We All Twitter, the Terrorists Win.

It is 6 A.M., I am still clutching my first cup coffee, barely conscious, and tremendously vulnerable, perhaps half-asleep. So I am choosing now to make a public confession. I want to be a blogger, but I am afraid of html. I shrink from it it the way other people run from spiders, as if it might suddenly writhe and clamber from my screen and onto my body, perhaps embedding itself under my skin like scabies. ...more