Social Media Trends We'd Love to See Disappear in 2014

They were fun when they were new, but now these social media trends are like that last guest at the party who can't take the hint that it's time to leave. Here are the trends we'd love to see disappear in 2014. ...more
I always feel like I'm communicating with a Muppet. Thanks for bringing your concerns to the ...more

Social Media and Blogging Predictions for 2014

While you're in line at the store, waiting to return those Christmas gifts (why did your mother-in-law think you wanted a magenta muumuu?), we've compiled our best predictions for social media and blogging for the upcoming year. By looking at current trends and past history, we were able to see the way things are heading. And you're going to want to read this because if we're right, you'll want to look at those apps you download veeeeeeeeeery carefully this upcoming year. ...more
I think I will love groupie! But Google + I will need to learn to like yet!  this is really ...more

Small Changes to Twitter and Gmail Lead to Big Reactions Online

Two changes were made in Twitter and Gmail this week that rocked the online world as the sites either tried to quell problems before they surfaced or find balance between keeping their users in mind while still making things sweet for marketers.  In the case of Twitter, the changes were reversed quickly.  With Gmail, the changes look like they're going to stick.  Here's what you need to know about both situations before you plug in. ...more
In the current environment of information overload, sites sometimes don't have a lot of choice ...more

Twitter: History And Impact, One Tweet At A Time (VIDEO)

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platform in the world and is now worth over 10 billion dollars. As of 2013, the social network 232 million monthly active users, it is used daily by 100 million people in the U.S. alone and 500 million tweets are sent every day....more

Free Kindle Fire

I'm doing this giveaway again for the month of November. A Kindle Fire HDX  with a 7inch screen, for my twitter followers!If you follow me on twitter, then you are golden. Just enter through the rafflecopter and earn more entries by following others.If you do not follow me yet, then what are you waiting for? Just click my name on the rafflecopter and you will see my twitter link and you can follow me as well as earn more entries by following others....more

The Hashtag

This whole surrogacy thing can be incredibly surreal at times. Most Assisted Reproductive Medicine (ART) is team oriented in that it takes so many people - doctors, nurses, sometimes egg/sperm donors - to make the magic happen. But surrogacy is probably the most team oriented as the third party's obligations last much longer than say, a sperm donor's....more

Games Rich Companies Play

I was planning on writing a post today about yesterday's breakfast with Donna Brazile (and roughly 699 other people, but still...).  It was pretty amazing, especially given that I got to hang around with a few dozen other people afterwards for an hour or so to ask her questions.  Sadly, that post will have to wait because I have a little rant I'd like to go on. ...more


Someone "followed me" on twitter and when I clicked on her profile it read: @5THINGSaDAY. Inspired by life. Just write 5 things that you appreciate today and see what it does.  Well I think that is an awesome idea! So today, this first day of November, the month of my birth I shall play #5THINGS on twitter. ...more

Your Final Words on Twitter

I was moved by the coverage of slain teacher Colleen Ritzer's Twitter account, and how her tweets tell a story of encouragement and dedication to her students.  Social media becomes one more place where our words rest after we're gone, sometimes helping explain us and other times illuminating the randomness of the universe. ...more
First time commenting here. I don't tweet a lot. Most of my tweets are either links to other ...more

Twitter Famous: the Tale of One Tumor

Twitter is the great equalizer. Not only can celebrities and the common folk mingle in the Twitterverse, but even tumours have an equal opportunity of becoming Twitter famous. Willfully Disobedient has a funny tale of the time when she broke into a conversation on Twitter and the fibroid she brought up ended up getting a boatload of attention thanks to a tweet by The Bloggess. ...more