Do you like to be spoiled?

Spoilers - you either love them and seek them out with a passion or you scream and flee at the mere mention of them. Be they for books, movies or television shows people have either a love them or loath them attitude. I've been thinking about spoilers a lot lately. In particular I've been wonder this - is there a statue of limitations on spoilers? And isn't it mostly our own job to avoid them? ...more

If we are going to discuss, lets discuss!  No point in trying to really delve into any story ...more

Twitter as Marketing Tool? Or Marketing Tools Will Ruin Twitter?

A couple of weeks ago we decided to launch a new Twitter account, our third, at @BlogHerDeals. [We already have @BlogHer and @BlogHerSupport.] This post is really about explaining why we did that, asking what you think of it, and exploring other models for companies, not individuals, using Twitter. ...more

I don't get it either. Some sort of meme, perhaps.

The use of the "#" has to ...more

Engage Customers Online with Twitter

If you haven’t jumped on the social media bandwagon, hop on! ...more

How to Help Save Ohio Libraries

If any of you are book lovers or authors, this news of library funding cuts will break your heart, just as it did mine, but we can all do our part to save Ohio libraries! ...more

2009 BET Awards: Michael Jackson Tribute or Travesty?

BET gave out their annual music awards last night.  I'm going to be straight up right now and say I didn't watch it.  That's right, I'm the BlogHer TV Contributing Editor and I didn't watch that TV show. In fact the only way my cable box ever lands on the dreaded BET channel is if my finger slips on the remote.  Then I make sure to get the heck out of there before my eyeballs fry and my blood boils. ...more

Sisters of "Pink"


Social Media Boot Camp NYC- Free for BlogHers

First post here, and it's a gift. Our group, the TwitterQueens, is having a Social Media Boot Camp and networking event on June 27. You can read more about the group here at our site included on there are a list of members and nearly 75 posts dealing mostly with social media information, by such authors as Mike Mueller, Lesley Lambert and Cheryl Waller, among many more. ...more


With the explosion in popularity of microblogging tools like Twitter, presenters are now faced with the possibility, or even likelihood, that some members of their audience will be tweeting (posting on Twitter) during the presentation. Initially, that idea is off-putting to many presenters. ...more