A Sunday of Tweeting: TwitterCON

TWITTER CON: THE NEW FRONTIER OF CONFERENCE COMMUNICATIONS, FIVE TIPS FOR BETTER TWEETS In case you missed it this past weekend, the TwitterSphere was on fire with thousands of Tweets emitting from the Twitter Con epicenter of San Francisco.  I spent an interesting day with over 500 Twitter enthusiasts tweeting, listening and learning.  It's the only confere ...more

Stephanie Fierman On The (Tw)Attention Economy

I’ve really started to wonder how we can possibly ingest the fire hose of information that comes at us every day. The obvious answer is that we can’t. ...more

Attention Small Biz - Get Ready for New Technology & Social Media Tools

I come as a messenger, and I come in peace. Please remember this as I now announce to you that there is yet more stuff you’re going to have to learn about, adopt and maybe even embrace in the world of technology and social media.  There’re new search engines, communications platforms, gadgets and an endless array of applications on the horizon, some of which you won’t be able to ignore. ...more

and was astounded watching the very long presentation from Google about more

Are You LinkedIn?


10 Things I'm Too Overwhelmed to Write About, but That's O.K.

You've heard of writer's block? I think I may have writer's flood. While reviewing potential writing topics for BlogHer this week, something I generally start considering within 24 hours of publishing my weekly BlogHer post, I had lots of ideas, but soon realized that I did not want to do the kind of research I feel a BlogHer post deserves, didn't feel like figuring out the back story so I could write the front story. ...more

Thank you!

I'm to overwhelmed "and that's ok". I sat on my sofa staring at a ...more

Keeping Up With Old Friends While Attending a New Church: Big Ideas and Practical Methods

Reposted from http://www.sarahjoyalbrecht.com   This is a response to my friend Tara’s recent post on her blog, Considerable Grace. (Click here to read.) I started to reply in the comments, but I realized it was a post in-and-of-itself The question was, ...more

BlogHer Chatter can help you update Twitter (and even Facebook)

Post update 8/21/9 to reflect new Twitter OAuth functionality Last week, the BlogHer product team rolled out our latest tool - this one designed to help you manage your social media identity. If you use BlogHer Chatter and Twitter and even Facebook, we now offer you a one-stop-shopping approach to telling your peeps (and your Tweets) what you're up to. Props to our friends at Cerado who helped us build it! Here's how you use it. ...more

Ping is amazing! Plesae add chatter to ping!

Athletes and Social Media

Social media has exploded into the mainstream. I remember the days when only college kids could get Facebook accounts, only bloggers were using Twitter and MySpace was mostly for hooking up. Now even my mom knows what Facebook is. I am Facebook friends with my husband's Aunts and Uncles. They show Twitter quotes on CNN! ...more