Blogging Advice that's Not Worth Your Time

Many people put together posts detailing various ways you can grow your blog traffic, but Lovely Indeed has gone the opposite route, maybe saving you a lot of time as well as feeling as if you're banging your head against the wall. She's put together a list of advice she has tried that hasn't worked out for her.  Maybe you've tried some of these things too and discovered they also weren't worth your energy.  Or maybe they've been on your to-do list for a long time.  Either way, her list is definitely worth a read. ...more
@Denise  Sounds like something to strive for :) Thank you!!more

The Smartest Women You Should be Following on Twitter

Fast Company came up with their list of the 25 smartest women on Twitter, and no one can deny that there are intelligent women on the list. The problem with the list is the same problem that often comes whenever a single organization or person compiles a list: it lacks diversity. It lacks diversity in colour, ideology, follower numbers. Their list is exactly the people you've come to expect to find on a "smart women" list and lacks the brilliant women YOU follow on Twitter: the ones that blow your mind with the way they can sum up enormous thoughts in 140 characters. ...more
@jessicalawrence Jessica Lawrence is the Executive Director of NY Tech Meetup (NYTM), the ...more

Has Twitter Kept Your Blog from Being Home for Your Thoughts?

Microblogging was supposed to enhance the conversation we started on our blogs, but somewhere along the way it became the conversation we were having instead of writing on our blogs.  140 characters at a time, we stopped unpacking ideas on our blogs and instead took those words to Twitter and Facebook.  For some, microblogging was the perfect solution for a fully-packed life; it allowed us to participate socially online in short bursts of time.  But for others, that pressure to be everywhere on the Web created a problem of being everywhere except where you originally wanted to be. ...more
I actually cull my twitter feed to look for good articles. Naively, I thought everyone did that ...more

The Kitchen Think: Food Poisoned? Tweet It!

Have you ever been food poisoned?A few years back, GP and Drew got so sick on our vacation in California that they couldn’t fly home with the rest of the family....more

Is Your Twitter Stream Targeted?

People always vaguely say that Twitter is not like Facebook and should not be used in the same way, but it took Two Pens to make that thought concrete. ...more
I have been thinking about this same thing quite a bit. I have so many interests both personal ...more

Is Twitter Doing Enough to Curb Rape Threats Online?

It is too easy to threaten someone on Twitter. Too easy to cut them down, to mock them, to ridicule. With 140 characters, you can make a woman so uncomfortable that she doesn't feel safe online. The only thing it's difficult to do, it seems, is report these abuses. But an uproar over behaviour on the site may change that. ...more

How Twitter Impacts PR

How would you characterize breaking news? I would define it in 140 characters (or less)! Yep, Twitter is PR’s tip of the spear. I once found out about an earthquake rolling my way in Los Angeles on Twitter before my building started shaking. Seems that it’s faster than Mother Nature, herself!...more


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The Best Time of Day to Post on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest

Ever wonder when, in general, is the best time of day to post on Facebook in order to have your status update read? What about the best time to tweet? There will be individual exceptions to the rule, for instance, if all of your friends are insomniacs, but Social Media Today posted an infographic covering the best time of day to post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest in order to have the most eyes on your post. ...more
starting a new website this is definitely gonna help me :pmore

Please Ask Before You Post Someone's Image on Facebook

Over the weekend, I posted about asking people not to post my child's picture on Facebook.  Carolyn Hax had given some pretty weak advice to a set of expectant parents that amounted to "your kid's picture is going to end up online anyway, so this isn't a battle worth having." ...more
My daughter was in foster care, and we were not allowed to post photos of her or allow others to ...more