How to Tweet Adder Your Way into Powerful Twitter Traffic (Plus Coupon Discount Code)

This is one of my favorite traffic generation tools I've been using for years.Many folks are too afraid of automation, or they simply speak up against it because they don't know what they are talking about (like that never happens around internet!).However, when used well, it'll do WONDERS for your Twitter traffic generation.It did for me.(in the case the video below doesn't show, watch it here:

Highschooler Opens Bogus Twitter Account In School Directors Name

We’ve seen this before and it never ends good. This time it’s resulting in an identity theft charge  for Ira Trey Quesenberry III, an 18-year-old student at Sullivan Central High School. A few years ago this would have been looked upon as a victimless prank. But times have changed and as social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and others have morphed into much more than just recreational websites, it’s not just unacceptable, it’s a crime....more

Will Twitter's Vine App Be the Next Big Social Media Thing?

Twitter, in my mind, is rather notorious for being slow to change -- which is why I was surprised that its brand-new Vine: Make a Scene app, which allows users to create six-second video loops and post them on Twitter, might just be the social media game-changer we've been waiting for. ...more
@JennaHatfield I predict a Callie video at some point. ;-)more

Beliebers Overtake Little Monsters: Justin Bieber Unseats Lady Gaga On Twitter

I usually feel pretty good about my Twitter following. But then I heard that Justin Bieber overtook Lady Gaga as the King of Twitter (or do we call it the Mayor when someone rules a form of social media?)Either way, the Beliebers went for it recently by trending #33MillionBeliebers -- a nod to how many followers JB would need to take down Lady Gaga's 33,381,197 followers. As of this writing, Bieber is at 33,408,946....more
I'm not trying to make anyone jealous, but he follows me on twitter. lol -Ymore

How I'm Using Pottermore to Teach My Kids about Social Media

Back in 2010, @shaylamaddox tweeted that Twitter makes her like people she's never met, and Facebook makes her hate people she used to like. And while I giggled because sometimes it's so true, it was also a warning call to make social media different for my kids. The first generation of users may have gotten off to a rocky start online as we figure out etiquette. Hopefully the next users will do better, though the only way we can do that is if we teach them not to remake our mistakes. ...more
I was heart warmed by your lesson in connection and growth.  It is lovely to hear that you are ...more

Social Media and the Tip of the Iceberg

Going into this upcoming year, in addition to your other resolutions, make sure you give yourself a new outlook on social media that you keep longer than February.  While we may think we have the whole story reading someone else's blog or Facebook feed or Twitter account, remember that we're looking at a curated life and not the whole picture.  We all have details we share and details we hide for various reasons, and the main thing to remember is to not compare your life to another person's life since what you're really comparing it to is a snippet of their life and not the whole deal. ...more

Using Social Media to Stay Close During the Holidays

Christmas is a time when people get together. Families gather for dinners, offices socialize with parties, and friends catch up during the holiday break. But what do you do when you don't live near the people you love? When your friends are scattered across the country? When you can only visit one side of the family? Or when you can't afford to travel at all? You use social media. Emphasis on the social. ...more

After Sandy Hook, Social Media Bonds Us All

I was thinking about how isolating it was before we were hyperconnected. Things happened and it could take hours or days before you could connect with the person. You paced around the house, from room to room, desperate for information with no way to get it. As much as I complain about connectivity sometimes, the Internet not only provided information last Friday after the events at Newtown, but it brought comfort and kind words of support from all corners of the earth. ...more
In memory of Noah, helps people create a virtual taco in his honor.more

From Etsy to You: The Perfect Gifts for Social Media Lovers

Your sister/best friend/cousin/partner lives and breathes social media, and you are itching to buy your gifts off of Etsy in order to support artists and small business owners during the holiday season. You're in luck because we've compiled a best of Etsy gift guide to help you quickly choose the perfect gift that celebrates blogging, Facebook status updates, and tweets. ...more
Love this post!more

Twitter=Exercise In Futility

Everyone says that social media is the best way to get followers to your blog.  Twitter in particular, because it's short and sassy.  Well, for me, it is just an exercise in futility!Twitter and Headbanging There's got to be a better way, right?...more