O Brasil Verde

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Home-and-Hand-Made Coasters

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Disclaimer: A giveaway is found in this post. ...more

I like big booties and I cannot lie

A couple of years ago, there was a small movement to sever the legs of those who wore their pants tucked into their boots. Not literally, but even Facebook groups were created in revolt. ...more

Oh Stop. You're Making Me Blush.

Okay, so I must confess. And keep it between me and you. There are two items I don't like to leave the house without: Chapstick and blush. ...more

The Ultimate Chick Magnet: Being Gas Free

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A Mac & Cheese Memoir

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Rock. Roll. 'N Recycle.

Lollapalooza 2008. ...more

Plastic May You R.I.P

When I was six years old I learned a very important lesson about ducks and six-pack plastic rings..     ...more

Ma'am, Would You Like Paper or Plastic?

Uhhh neither....I brought my own.....BAM! ...more