Is Ashton Kutcher the Right Man to Save Two and a Half Men?

CBS and Warner Bros. are doing their best to move Two and a Half Men viewers into a Post-Sheen World....more

I really think if they had have re-tooled it to be a 'new' series which was all about Allan and ...more

Is It Wrong to Laugh at Charlie Sheen's Public Breakdown?

After his sitcom Two and a Half Men shut down production, Charlie Sheen's public breakdown -- or whatever it is that's going in -- has been widely documented on a number of televised and radio interviews. And by "widely documented," I mean Charlie Sheen is everywhere. Everywhere. Just try to escape the Sheen this week. Go ahead, try....more

At first I had little sympathy for a multi-millionaire actor, when life is so tough for my ...more

Scales and Men

First thing...I LOST WEIGHT!  I lost another 2 pounds for a total of 4 pounds!  I really wish it could be like a Biggest Loser loss of 10-15 pounds but I know realistically that is not realistic!  It took several years to put it on, slowly and it will take awhile to take it off.  I have to just stay focused and into the process.  Since this darned snowpocalypse thing and head cold I have not been able to work out like I'm used to.  Next week it will be back to the treadmill and onward!  I really would like to buy a treadmill for the house but The Hubby is ...more