I Was Raised By Two Women

Yes, that’s quite the statement, but it doesn’t have the modern meaning. I was actually raised lovingly by my mother and maternal grandmother. No external male influences – just them, me and my brothers. We all turned out ok, even though I say so myself.I haven’t really written that much about what my upbringing was like – to me it was normal. Yes, most of my friends had Dads and nuclear families. We didn’t. But that was just the way it was....more

A two mom family that didn't start out that way.

I have something I want to talk about.Something I have wanted to talk about for a while, but was unsure. I wasn’t sure it would be received well. I am not trying to upset anyone, or make anyone feel as though I am not okay with their situation. I just think my situation is not talked about much. I don’t know if that is because there just aren’t enough of us writing, or if we don’t talk about it. Well, I have decided to come out with it....more

Looking for volunteer writers

Looking for volunteer writers who have a unique story to tell about their lives. We are a modern family website and want stories about adoption, IVF,surrogacy, interracial marriages, two moms, two dads, single by choice, childless by choice, single moms, single dads. If you know a writer who is looking for an audience please contact me. website: thenextfamiy.com, facebook and twitter. Check out our site and see if you would like to join our family.madge@thenextfamily.com...more