This single mothers world does not look like a Tyler Perry movie

As I shared with you several weeks ago, I submitted a piece for the 2014 Chicago Listen to Your Mother show.  And while I was going to wait until closer to Mother's Day to share it with you, a recent episode of Oprah's "Lifeclass" and the release of Tyler Perry's new movie, ...more

When Temptation Calls, Do You Answer?

A few months ago, I saw an advertisement for Tyler Perry's newest movie, Temptation, and was intrigued. I'm by no means what one might call a Tyler Perry fan; I've openly criticized his portrayal of women in most of his movies and the plays upon which they are based. I find his tendency to portray women as emotionally unstable and in perpetual need of salvation either by their religious faith or by a Prince Charming-type annoying. ...more
I used to see this kind of issue so simply but after reading many stories submitted to our ...more

The White Lens: White Reviewers' Reactions to For Colored Girls, Precious

Call it being a tad sensitive because of the recent reviews by non-Black (and male) reviewers who have written about For Colored Girls, the movie that was based on the legendary play by Ntozake Shange, or call it simply being sick and of subjective thinking presented as fact: If y’all don’t agree with me there is something wrong with you. ...more

I’ll start by saying that I have not read the play, nor have I done “research to the ‘theme’ of ...more

Jay-Z & Tyler Perry--More In Common Than Realized

You know I thug 'em, f$#@! 'em, love 'em, leave 'em Cause I don't f#@!n' need 'em Take 'em out the hood Keep 'em looking good But I don't f#@!n' feed em First time they fuss I'm breezin' Talking 'bout what's the reasons I'm a pimp in every sense of the word, bitch--------------------...more

For my colored men

   Everyone is buzzing over the Washington Post piece written by Courtland Milloy titled "For black men who have considered homicide a...more

Tyler Perry Finger Paints Over "For Colored Girls" (Spoilers and Video)

What I saw in the theater the day "For Colored Girls" opened were women who had come not for love of the Broadway play on which the film was based -- poet and playwright Ntozake Shange's "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf" -- but for love of Tyler Perry, the man who had given them Madea. Perry's version of Shange's play is not the best movie I've ever seen, but neither is it the worst. It is not the most moving, nor did it leave me cold. ...more

growing up in st. louis, FCG has always held a special place in my heart. but putting the tyler ...more

Sapphire's Push: Merciless Honesty

I first became aware of the buzz about Sapphire's debut novel Push in 1995 or 1996. The novel gained attention for its distressing storyline but possibly more because the novelist received a $500,000 advance, a sum unheard of in those days for a first novel. Well, unheard of except that another writer that year had received even more, Jacquelyn Mitchard. ...more

I am currently taking a class called "Politics and the Media," and as part of this class I am ...more

Christian Fiction News: Tyler Perry Template for LionsGate

Christian Fiction News for the Week Ending July 19, 2008 ...more