Bullycide Prevention: 3 Steps for Parents & Lessons from Groundbreaking Nonviolence Activists

The wave of shocking suicides by young adults, teens and tweens, who were allegedly being bullied and sexual harassed, have many parents, schools and communities reeling about how to stop the tide. When a rash of troubling behavior — and tragic outcomes — such as this hits, it's natural for parents, role models and youth alike to feel outraged or even powerless. ...more

Thank you for all the thoughtful comments. I know change is hard. All things worth committing to ...more

Bullycide Prevention: 3 Steps for Parents

"Bullycides" Prevention: 3 Ways Parents Can Spread Respect from Respect Rx on Vimeo. ...more

You are a child of the universe, No less than the trees and the stars; You have a right to be here.

Tyler Clementi was quiet.  He was a bright young musician who attended Rutgers University.  He was outed as being gay on the internet, and days later he threw himself off of the George Washington Bridge.Tyler Clementi is gone.Tyler Clementi, and others like him, felt that their only - their ONLY - recourse following bullying was suicide.  I can't imagine how alone and afraid, how utterly devastated and abandoned he and countless other victims like him must have felt during their last days with us.How did we let this happen?...more

It's Not Just about Cupcakes: LGBT Youth Are at Real Risk

On the one hand, I’m glad baker David Stockton of Indianapolis denied some college students rainbow-colored cupcakes for their National Coming Out Day celebration.  It gives us a clear idea of who not to give our rainbow dollars to when ordering our Big Gay Wedding cakes, for example.  I’d much prefer to know the businesses I frequent aren’t taking my money and donating it to anti-gay causes, for example.  There are plenty of gay-friendly bakeries to choose from instead.  And of course, there’s always Betty Crocker and a little food coloring. ...more

I wonder what that baker will do if one of his children is gay? Shame them or make them a cake? ...more

Tyler Clementi: Another Victim of Sex-Negative Culture

Eighteen year-old Tyler Clementi was a brilliant violist. Quiet and considerate, he had his life ahead of him until his roommate at Rutgers University used a webcam in their room to broadcast a sexual encounter between Clementi and his partner. A few days after the broadcast, Clementi's car and other personal effects were found near George Washington Bridge. It is presumed he committed suicide. ...more
@avflox what exactly in our culture promotes sex negativity? I know sex negativity happens. I ...more