So, why the typewriters?

If you've taken a look at my blog's layout, you might have noticed that I have a bit of a "thing" for vintage typewriters (as an aside, I suppose it's valid to say that all typewriters are vintage, right?!). So, why the typewriters? ...more

The Magic of A Typewriter VS A Computer

So my ten-year-old grandson asks me if I have a “typewriter;” I sure do! And I proceed to pull out my old electric one, buried deep in the closet, a Brother AX-10. I dust it off, plug it in, slide a piece of paper and start typing…tap, tap, tap… And it still works. “Wow!” my grandson exclaims, eyes alight and a big smile. “This is so cool! I read about these in a book!” he says. His mother, my oldest, alert and listening, says, “OMG, how old am I!!!” She wants to know?! I knew her day for asking would come....more

Five ways to use a typewriter

By Ashliegh Gehl ...more