Homemade Authentic Gyros and Tzatziki Sauce

Happy Birthday to me! We made this flavor-filled Homemade Authentic Gyro with Tzatziki Sauce for my birthday back in June and are now finally sharing it with the world. This gyro recipe is made from scratch and so authentic you will daydream about being in Greece. Enjoy the taste of Greece while sitting on your patio enjoying the Summer's fresh weather. ...more

Chicken Kabobs Greek Style with Feta Rice and Tzatziki Sauce

Greek Chicken Kabobs are one of my most popular dishes in this house!  My family and I are addicted to Greek food, yes addicted. I can’t go a week without cooking something Greek...more

Falafel Salad with Jalapeno Tzatziki

Meatless Monday is big right now.  In our house we have cut down on our meat consumption quite a bit for diet, health and ethical issues.  Don't worry  I'm not going to get on my anti-factory farming soap box (although as we all know, it is a great thing to buy local and from small farms and ranches).  Anyway, salads get boring and I don't know about you but I need to feel satisfied and want to have some substance to my salad.  So, I said to myself, what could I add to my salad to make it hearty but keep ...more

Tar - ah - tour

With Thanksgiving just one day away, some of you may still be looking for one more side dish, or one more dessert. Or maybe you just want something different and unusual. I'm still trying to think of a leafy salad that I could make with the rest of the pomegranate seeds that are sitting in my bowl; I'm thinking arugula, romaine lettuce, some nuts...I'll see how I feel about it as the day progresses.  In the meantime I was working on a favorite of mine: Taratur! If you are looking for something different, this is the recipe that you might want to use....more

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