Are You Choosing Fear or Faith?

This question, if applied every day will radically shift your life and your results. While at first glance it might seem a little "fluffy" for the business realm, if you've been buying into the recession, waiting for someone to save you, or letting the job climate hold you hostage, it's time to put this question into your decision matrix arsenal. ...more

We don't know we have it in us until we're willing to or are forced to tap into that ...more

What if "Women's Work" was Centerpiece of the Stimulus Package?

I know you might be wondering what glue I’ve been sniffing to wonder aloud about what our economic recovery could look like if “women’s work” was valued in the way men’s always has been. I don’t mean the stereotypical world of motherhood and careers limited to nursing and teaching. I mean the work of all women in the workforce, especially mothers. ...more

We need an overhaul on the 9-5, one hour lunch, pavlovian bell theory we have engrained in ...more

10 Tips for $33 Birthday Party

I don't know about your kid, but Ainsley loves the anticipation and the creative process of planning and preparing for her birthday party as much as the actual party. Both of my kids love to cook. I just channel my mother.   ...more

‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ Rally is HUGE!"

Mudflats Tiptoeing Through the Muck of Alaskan Politics ...more

Job Search Frustration

I have been looking for a job for almost 6 months. I currently have one as a server at a mid-range Italian restaurant.  I have been there for more than a year… id thought that if I stayed for a year I’d get hired at a better place. ...more

thanx... im in the process of doing that!!more

Making Sense of a Softening Job Market

For the U.S. economy, the hits keep coming. In February, employers cut jobs by the largest amount in five years. According to the Associated Press: For the second straight month, nervous employers got rid of jobs nationwide. In February, they sliced payrolls by 63,000, even deeper than the 22,000 cut in January, the Labor Department reported Friday. The grim snapshot of the country’s employment climate underscored the heavy toll the housing and credit debacles are taking on companies, jobseekers and the economy as a whole. ...more

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