Election 2010: Senate Races We're Watching

From our BlogHer 2010 Election Watch List, you'll see we've been watching several tight races for U.S. Senate involving women candidates, including California, where we have two impressive women candidates running opposite each other. This post will include updates on some of the hottest Senate races that we're watching as results come in on Election Day. ...more

Bound & bitten, or just Franken, Inouye, the Pentagon & the White House debating rape?

There are layers of information and emotion covering the speculation that Democratic Senator from Hawaii and Senate Appropriations Chairman Daniel Inouye may strip an amendment from the Department of Defense's appropriations bill that freshman Al Franken (MN) successfully got attached to the House version.  Franken's amendment would prevent federal dollars and contracts from flowing from the DOD to any contractor who requires mandatory binding arbitration in exchange for giving up a right to be heard in court regarding...more