Antiques and Aggression

Sometimes the strangest stories get stuck in my head, back somewhere half-buried in the sand with just a glint of shimmer peeking out to catch my eye (thoughts) a few times a day. Sometimes when I am listening to a friend talk, I feel a deeper sense of knowing, or at least the potential to find a deeper understanding, and that feeling echoes throughout my days and nights until I'm ready to haul it out from the sand and give it a once-over. ...more

What Is Happening to the Jews of Donetsk, Ukraine?

Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) begins at sundown on Sunday, April 27. According to the Memorial de la Shoah, up to 1.5 million Jews were murdered in Ukraine between 1941 and 1944. The genocide of Ukrainian Jews is known as the "Holocaust by bullets," because the Nazis did not bother to gather and deport people to concentration camps or death camps....more
Suzanne, THANK you for this article. I have been wavering back and forth on the "is it a hoax, ...more

Next holiday destination: Ukraine

As a mum of two little daughters, it is not always easy to travel where I want. But here is my next destination: Ukraine. A bit limited in time, but hey, it is important to honour the small things... Sabine

Yanukovich and the mines of the language issue

During 5 years of Yushchenko being president sociologists used to inform the language issue wasn’t the priority for Ukrainian citizens. But the first week of Viktor Yanukovich in office has proved it wrong – the language issue stays as one of the most painful problems of the country’s social being. On 5th of March, during his first visit to Moscow, Viktor Yanukovich promised he wouldn’t postpone the adoption of statutes aimed to protect the rights of Russian-speaking population in Ukraine. “We’ll adopt all the necessary laws....more

The Russia Speech The President Should Have Given

Posting this two weeks after the speech, in an era of instant news, would seem a little OBE, except for articles like John Vinocur's Central and Eastern European Countries Issue Rare Warning for U.S. on Russian Policy in today's New York Times.  Mr. ...more

I'm not that fat, right?

I was in the United States for three weeks. Three weeks of fast-food bliss. On the way from the airport, the drive that took an extra two hours because mom missed the turn and didn't notice unitl we were in the foothills, we stopped at the grocery store and I picked up Little Debbie snacks, Doritos and Blueberry Morning cereal. I can count on one hand the meals I ate at a dining table in a house. And those all involved a variation of steak, hot dogs, pizza or cheddar cheese. I had a three-week plan of people to meet with, and it usually included ...more

Greetings From Kyiv

A journal of missionary life in Ukraine. ...more