Understanding Ultraviolet Radiation and the necessity of a quality Sunscreen

Since I wrote about Justice Roberts' stance on FDA regulations regarding sunscreen, I have received a variety of emails that indicate a general misunderstanding of sunscreens; how sunscreen works and why a quality broad-spectrum sunscreen is, in fact, a crucial part of savvy sun protection and reducing your risk for skin cancer. ...more

Hi there,
I have recently been researching the benefits of physical sunscreens, and in ...more

Ban the Tan!

Yes, folks, I am, once again, revisiting the subject of indoor tanning; the dangers associated with tanning and the subsequent increase of melanoma skin cancer among women in their 20s and 30s. It is a subject I’m passionate about (and, besides, this is a Blog about skin cancer prevention). ...more

27 is too young to die (so is 24)

It has been difficult to sit down and write this week, especially since my last post about 27-year-old Scarlet and her battle with melanoma. (She had just given birth to a brand new baby girl when melanoma killed her). Just minutes after writing about Scarlet, I received an email from a gal here in Utah by the name of MaryAnn. ...more

The Truth about Tanning - An introduction

Each day I surf the net for the latest news on skin cancer; to check out skin cancer-related sites and publications to keep my finger on the pulse of all things skin cancer/dermatology. After all, how can effectively educate others about the world's most common preventable cancer, if I am not continuously abreast of the latest developments, right? Right. ...more

Especially now, it's good to see that some products are aware of this and are trying to do ...more