A good Umbrella (ella..ella..) will have you Singing in the Rain.....

Who saw Glee last night? Not only am I a Gleek, but after seeing Gwyneth, I am a Gweek after her stand-out Singing in the Rain/Umbrella performance.  Although if the girl doesn't start showing slight signs of imperfections, I may have to move on....more

Rachael R. Lorenz

She Should have It


When I ...more

Back to School: 10 Great Rain Gear Choices

I'm not an experienced "Back to School" shopper. In fact, my son is entering public Kindergarten, so for us, this is really "Off to School" shopping. And when you shop in September, it is tempting to load up on shorts and t-shirts. I mean, that's what he's wearing right now -- and they're on sale.But I'll try not to forget that Fall weather is around the corner and soon we'll be stuffing jeans into rainboots and wrestling umbrellas into buckets next to the door. It's time to shop for rain gear as well....more

Those Vincent boots are so, SO cute!


Bryony Boxer